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Available at participating McDonald's delivery prices may be higher than that response taxes and fees apply five forty two traffic and weather on the two's traffic situation now outline but Billy Johnson yeah that's a situation me here for a seventy six eastbound Schuylkill expressway remains closed at the blue route up the head right around Belmont quite an hour and a half ago had a multi vehicle accident with a tractor trailer couple cars so that's going to be out there for a little bit longer so if you're listening now you just jump in the vehicle your head in that direction I wanna make some plans to take an alternate route now look this around from the blue route and head west on the Schuylkill expressway were starting to see a back up here as well west past Google at exit three thirty for Bella mango we got an accident blocking the left lane there and things are already backing up back toward the blue route on that one continuing westbound from there though up in the king of Prussia things move along well after that point on this Google into New Jersey will go it's to ninety five north bound right around exit twenty eight for the black horse pike we got an accident they're blocking the right lane elsewhere though things rolling along fairly nicely six seventy six east through Camden down into Bellmawr looking pretty good there forty two freeway south from telemarketers will run a lot nicer than the Atlantic city expressway eastbound out to the shore not too bad next update less than ten minutes some Billy Dawson in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center time now for the forecast sponsored by Philly cyberknife here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Steve socks now this morning we'll see increasing amounts of.

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