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Goes after that eating it alec baldwin news at excellent acta and very funny is just an idiot you know some of these people like robert deniro in an area naked mole bunch them because that's hollywood that that just flat out idiots but they have a real talent and it it's you know nice to be goodlooking it's nice to have ability i don't know what these people will do otherwise so i've been watching back and forth all of this this talk on tariffs they knew tariffs and how they help a a world standing whether that old thin trump is leveraging new tariffs against the nafta agreement and i i listened carefully to both sides and i came away with the conclusion that i i'm going would trump because of his business accu men and with the advice was getting but then i hear the other side every have one of those debates is very bad for a talk show host to come on here instead he it's very difficult and then finally the difficulties cleared up and i've actually fall which trump is doing in spite of the injurious nature of what as transgressed here in terms of the stock market uh did that this is a net in futures are down again this isn't from i i there's no way i believe this was the big collapsed white think it's coming yeah i mean it it's come ever since clarke mike could was was started i just don't think this is the big laps it's a combination of interest rates what trump is saying which ultimately i think will not prove right on tariffs and the fact that we are flat out getting screwed by all these countries around the world in terms of the leveraging tariffs than they can threaten to put tarazona agwu is like china has like a russia as no exemptions canada is furious mexico is furious canada raff friends are come on i mean they are but you take.

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