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Days after little AJ friend vanished were hearing his family's first. Call to nine one one we missing child AJ's father telling police he lasts some of their five year old son in their crystal lake Illinois home. Last night probably nine thirty when he went to bed. I had a doctor's appointment this morning when I got back from the doctor you -pointment, and I check them out them say good morning, and he wasn't there. Andrew friend. Also describing where the family searched for AJ. No. We can't listen the neighborhood went to the local car local gas station down here where we sometimes take him to buy treats, I idea where he would be for days. Investigators have scoured the area for the boy, they do not believe he was objective and say canines picked up AJ sent only in the home not outside. Police calling the home a crime scene. That's only that's my life and my kids age as mother JoAnne maintains her innocence, but is refusing to cooperate with police both parents are now trying to regain custody of their younger son after he was taken into protective care following AJ's disappearance. And David authorities are now asking neighbors to check their home surveillance cameras for any footage that might help. Investigators figure out what happened to AJ David Alex Perez. Thank you next to the major new headline tonight in the race for twenty twenty former vice president Joe Biden will announce he's running this week in a video Thursday morning. So let's get right to ABC's senior national correspondent, Terry Moran interior, a lot of speculation surrounding Joe Biden and for a long time..

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