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To because i shared most people shared the idea with and they were just like. How in the world did you do that. Now that's but this woman told him ideas and she said this sounds great and you need to be sure and write down all the people that help you in this journey. Because you'll want to mention them in your acknowledgements and i said georgia. I was like you believe you believe she goes. We'll of course. I believe why wouldn't i and that was all i needed. That was all i needed. And i sat down after that day and wrote out a plan and i felt like the lord said have it done by the way why and i was beginning of the year and that was four months and i wrote down my i thought that means. I've gotta write a chapter every two weeks to finish this rough draft and in spite of three out of state trips are remodel in our home. My gosh the five kids under nine and under and three weeks of spring break company. That people that love to come to phoenix drinking phoenix. And all of that the lord. It was just god. It was literally guide. And i saw that. There was one window of time in my day each day. That only one person needed me. That was my prime time because my husband was at work my oldest two were at school. My kindergartner was in kindergarten. Until ten o'clock is that not a crime like two hours at crime. It was three hours. Why even go. But he was in school and then the baby was taking morning. Nap in just left my three-year-old mica and he was my calmest boy. I know the god made in that way for such a time as that and he would sit on my lap and like put his head down on my chest. And i would just feel so much. I'd be sitting there and was like if this ever gets published. It is 'cause i didn't have a promise of publishing. I just knew. God said. Write it. And i thought this is all stuff i need so i didn't know if it was just for me. Yeah but then. The more time i put into it. I was like lord. Please could this be for someone else to because this is so much work. Yeah but anyway. That was how it all happened. And i'm just so grateful. And what i didn't realize i thought it was the deadline because the kids were going to be out of school but actually the lord moved us out of state to texas. How two weeks later and so it was like. Oh my yes. I was so glad i had that done. Yeah wow because it might have. Who knows how long it might have just sat if it was. Oh yeah yeah. That's amazing now. You are pastor's wife as well. I have to eat well. I know that brings some some individual very special challenges being a pastor's kid myself and speaking with my mom about some of the challenges that come from being a pastor's wife and raising pastors kits. Can you speak to some of that that that the individual challenges that came with that i was raised in a minister's family in my my parents had such a balanced approach. And i think that's what's been my peace through it. All i really actually. It's been a joyful journey for me. But i know it's really hard for a lotta people but i feel like my parents foundation. If there was any talk of we should do this or that. When we were going up they would be like. Your job is to please god and only god. Your job is not to please people we please. God not man and so with that perspective it really has gave me a great foundation of concentrating on the lord and then when people have issues with whatever which thankfully there haven't been a ton..

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