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Augustine, three O four from DP continues to light it up from behind the arc for your Los Angeles Lakers. So that was something there. Sean Tate, do you believe the Lakers will make the play and right now it is less likely that they will make the plan than likely. So let's say if we're looking at the Lakers schedule and you're looking at the spur schedule, both have really different difficult schedules down the stretch. The Lakers have two games where you'd look at it and say, okay, they probably have a pretty good shot of winning those games. And that's the pelicans game tomorrow night. And the thunder game, the second to last game of the season. Those are the two games that stand out on the schedule for the Lakers. The spurs have two games as well. Two games against the blazers. Those are kind of give me wins at this point because the blazers aren't really playing anybody. They don't really have much of a team anymore. They've had so many injuries, so many guys out for the year. So if that's the case, if the spurs win their two games against the blazers and the Lakers only win the two games against the pelicans and against the thunder, that's it. Lakers are out. Lakers are out. That's how it goes. And the Lakers they have to win one more game than the spurs. And so because of that, I could see them not making it. I also saw a spurs team that was really competing really, really competing, really getting after it. And they almost beat the grizzlies last night. I think grizzly's without John morant, but still, we've seen that team be successful. The Lakers got very, very lucky. The spurs Kelvin Johnson missed a layup at the buzzer to beat the grizzlies last night, otherwise that would have really put the Lakers into tough spot, had the spurs managed to get an upset win over the grizzlies, but the spurs, the way they're playing right now, they're playing like they want in the plane and they really want to knock the Lakers out. So if the spurs managed to pull off an upset win here or there, even just one. I think that's going to make it very, very unlikely that the Lakers do make it in. Abdullah Ali said, is there any way we can get Gary Trent junior next year?.

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