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Opinions Don't matter with long has opinions don't have no more matters. I value actually share your concerns. I sure your conviction That President Trump should remain president and share that conviction. Young is among the camp of Republicans who will not be challenging the re the electors in the joint session step to start at one o'clock. Jim Banks and Jackie will or ski in the House, along with Mike brought in the Senate plan to do the opposite more than 131,000 Americans have being are being treated now for coronavirus in hospital beds. That sense of Tuesday, and that's a new record high. The covert tracking project says that includes over 23,000 fighting and ICUs. The project also Noted. Nearly 3500. More deaths were reported on Tuesday alone in Indiana 80 more people have died protecting businesses from being sued over coronavirus Smithson issue that's at the center of a stalemate in Washington but has some traction in the Statehouse. America. Berman Caramel representative Jerry Tour says it will be harder for businesses to reopen if they have to worry about being sued because someone cut coronavirus. They're both his bill and the Senate version would ban suits against businesses, hospitals or nonprofits. Unless there's gross negligence or willful misconduct. Whether or not that's inappropriate language haven't heard anybody trust with anything better yet hasn't Senate leaders have said they may try to fast track to build the Governor Holcomb next month? Eric Berman 93 WNBC Mobile Me a bill that would allow the takeover of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department from the City County Council is not as popular with one Democratic state lawmaker Chris Davis. Reports out is basically the message from representative Greg. Taylor. It's time for the legislators who don't live in Indianapolis to stop passing bills. Toe hurt Indianapolis It's hurting the entire state. Those remarks had Tuesday's press conference on the Democratic agenda at the beginning of this year's legislative session. He says he doesn't understand why state lawmakers are trying to make the rules for a city the party that we're fighting against this supposed to be. Party of small government..

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