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Our free mobile app as bear season winds down a guy in north jersey took went out with his car the driver was fortunately not injured when he hit a black bear crossing the road in tewksbury the accident comes as the state extends the bear hut because they claim not enough bears have been called to reduce their human encounters it is known as the harvey weinstein affect ever since several woman accused of hollywood producer of sexually inappropriate behaviour a few months ago several other mail of an outed by their victims and more women are coming forward to tell their stories and seek help in the garden state according to patricia taffin heart of the jersey coalition against sexual assault many rape crisis centres have had a significant increase in the number of kohl's they've received over the past eight weeks she says is more and more survivors in high profile cases come forward sharing eric jerian other people are hearing news stories in they're able to perk identifying a oh my gosh similar thing happened to me she and sexual violence as a 100percent preventable by doing the critical work it takes to build equity and justice within society david math down new jersey one on one point five news day after we told you jackson chaozhou was giving up the fight against a jewish a roof in town malwal may do the same by what has been embroiled in a bitter fight to keep the rubes off utility poles they were also blasted by state attorney general for an ordinance that bans non new jersey residents from its local harks both measures or seen by many as trying to keep the orthodox jewish population from moving at a town facing huge legal cost to defend the ordinances tell officials are likely to repeal them both a series of cyber attacks on rutgers servers which essentially paralyze the ability of students and staff to do anything on line can be blamed on a former student the twenty one year your world fanned would resident admitted the hack in federal court acting us attorney for new jersey bill fitzpatrick says paris job while a student at rutgers time the hacks to have the.

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