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Ban. Welcome back to coast to coast. We with Dr Dianna PU Salka talk about American cosmic are there. Some religions Diana that are more apt to understand or believe extraterrestrials than others. I think that a lot of religion. Yes. I think that I think that is would would be okay with extraterrestrials and believe that I also know that in the history of Christianity do have some Christian denominations Swedenborg as where the founder that religion. This isn't a seventeen hundred zero founded this denomination of Christianity time, he basically believed in that. He was taken to other planets by angel. So and that there were beings on other planets. So there are other religions that would accept I do think that different denominations of Christianity would be okay with with the belief in extraterrestrials. I know that brother guy, contra Magno, and his colleague a priest Tom Mueller and write a book called what I bad ties in extra terrestrial. And other questions, you know, we get at the Vatican observatory, and they would they would baptize. The the Catholic church has done a dramatic about face about this. I'm not sure I mean, I actually went to archive their recording Catholic doll in their collection called extraterrestrial intelligence, and it's large, and and it goes back a long time. And I think that I'm not sure they've made it about safe. I think that they just don't make positions on their, you know, they're very careful about making position on something there. They just don't have a lot of information about. So I think that they're open to it. I know that they've hosted many many many conferences on the logical implications of extraterrestrial contact and they worked with NASA on that. And that type of thing. I don't know if you ever knew the late, Dr Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo fourteen astronaut, but he was twice to use a staunch believer in extra-terrestrial visitations. Yes. I've in fact, I invited him to attend a conference about a year before she passed on. And he attended a Skype and a lot of my colleagues asked him questions, and I simply said. About extraterrestrial. They said what you know. Why do you believe that they're here? Why do you believe that they're interacting with our space technology, and you know, and I got a lot of answers from oh, he was he was a believer. He he told me once on the program Diana that he had never seen one when he was on the moon. But that he knows people within government that he trusts who have told him this is happening in. That's why he was such a staunch believer. Yes. Definitely just amazing possibilities. But we've lost a lot of great people. Like, you know, John Mack who was an expert in abductions psychiatrist but Hopkins he's he's no longer with us. And just so many people have passed on. Were great researchers in this field. And I hope we can continue to carry the torch for them. They were definitely great. Absolutely. When you started doing your research into this. And in the point where you are today. How does technology fit into this? Because it's one of your subtitles on your book. I believe that in the ways first of all our environment in which we live oftentimes determine how we do things how he took it. So as I said, here's an example, if a lot of my students travel abroad, and sometimes they go to Italy to go to the Vatican look at museums. And they see pictures of painting of St Francis of Assisi being, you know, having to stigmata, which is which are price and by an angel in sky. And if they're grandparents went there and saw the same painting. They would say, oh, that's an angel. You know, and he's getting the stigma of Christ. But they look at it. And they say.

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