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Little today lil why is everybody lil little baby i just heard a song from drake and low baby i don't know if it's new or not but low baby you don't have to be little baby you can just be baby you know why a baby is already a lil as i call yourself fucking lil monopoly piece you're what up is low monopoly piece we passing go collected two hundred dollars motherfucker well we do go forty seven times because we making this money lil monopoly pizza that's why won't be of my i was rapper low monopoly piece but yeah you can't expose something that's exposing little tae for being not who she said she was is like exposing me as being as having a fucking penis i got one guy hair mma face man yearns at my panthers a penis not everyone's going to be the author told you he was dude told you at feet look to shoes they are ten to ten toes and all so weird we just can't if you're going to demonize you know hardwick you gotta demonize extent ascione as well i'm not taking away from the guys music you know i mean and also i mean look at midnight was fucking fund show to do.

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