Randy Forbes, Kyle Loesch, Darvish discussed on Wisconsin's Sports Weekend with Justin Garcia


Season if a bad investment if you need further proof looking in pa look at randy forbes get kyle loesch at math artha teams don't want to do that anymore and if the players have a problem with that i mean got something to take up in the cd eight are we moving towards more like one year one to two year prove it deals and then guys cashing in after that may be a bit i i can go arg you have to be the free agent market of that yeah we have five from darvish who you know was still fairly young and iriana as what thirty or i'll middle aged but do you really wanna keep him seventy or deal we've only had to lead three real dominate years and how much of that was due to the situation in hand with the called free playing on the nl central and but look at next year free aged klaff you know the big thing we here's the big market teams don't wanna go on the threshold right now but they're putting their their eggs with the basket for next just phil why go off break the bank now when the huge class coming up i think there's a lot of factors at play i don't know what the answer is right here because i'm not for beautiful complications but i mean i think there's more to this than just mlb general managers and owners aren't willing to pay guys i think there's more to the situation uh before we get to the crusher i did see one other thing here um noriaki returning to japan on a threeyear deal norio keys one of those guys that he was so popular despite not being the best player in the team for the brewers ease in that list with guys like brian xiao's i would throw in our back who's your fondest.

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