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That out before they through the flag. So now I in fifteen at the Kentucky forty four. From the gun trips to his left when wind up to the short side, his right as he drops to throw looks over the middle pressure coming the ball's knocked loose and deserve falls audited at midfield. Josh Allen again, where he just gets leverage underneath the tackle. And he's doing everything to try to hold him out is Adams. Loss of six. One. That's twice. They've knocked the ball loose in this half Missouri's fallen on at both times this time. It's at the fifty a loss of six seconds and twenty one. Minute and a half gone in the fourth quarter. Plan. Some kind of football in the second half of the handed off on the draw to Crockett and there's nothing there yard. Stood up and pushed back by looney and Calvin Taylor, Jordan Jones. Announce gonna be third and twenty four Mizzou. Jerry's given to yards to the forty eight. So third and nineteen four Missouri, which is five of twelve on third downs. Drew lock lined up in the shotgun. Three receivers to his right one. Do his left dime package for Kentucky. Gotta get pressure. Josh Allen lined up on the near side, which is the blind side of law. The running back this way. Here comes the blitz news the screen, he gets across the forty-three. Josh Allen made a u-turn sprint.

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