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Or fifteen your fix you sound knowledgeable you sound you're using the lingo they're going to senate over to i think i might use that at the chronic store something like that his throat at the younger i can you give me a jiffy on this tv here just because it sounds good on the tv i think it sounds so tell us an ordinance trump's pick chunks of i think looking for refights i kinda use that the next couple of hours a couple of days because of this kind of fun all right let's let's next go to timothy timothy is on the line in south bend indiana timothy you're on the day ramsey show hey how you doing today good how're you very quick question me my fiance petr first baby about two and a half three weeks ago uh congrats here the uh think very much we're looking to invest for her for her future now we're different because my graf actually set up a trust for all his or grandkid's and grandkid's for college so we will not have to worry about saving for college except for like small expenses that we'd be able to cover anyways uh we're more said looking to invest in her future and maximize any money that we get for her for burnt days in politics and all that kind of stuff yet timothy what well how would you explain your your financial condition right now i mean it takes to take your brand new baby and congratulations by the way but take that out of the equation your wife your wife in herself like are you guys out of consumer debts do you got some good savings have you started to invest uh how are you guys doing yeah um we are both 24 uh we all we have is her student loans and we all about twenty four thousand we paid off our consumer debt that i had crude before we met uh with stupid perch says you know we got rid of the forty thousand march truck.

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