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Coop clogging the escalator remember that one from six years ago with apparently made the rounds again in the last couple of days. This is a problem. What are we going to do about it? I mean that what do you wanna do about a four one five eight ten Rioja? Sunnyvale ryobi. You're on KGHM with Ethan Bearman, even I share your sentiment. I used to love public transportation. I used to love getting on the bar at occasionally talking to people people watching and then it became unsafe recently. I went to a Bart board meeting where they were talking about in new cameras, adding to their police force and every single person who got up to give public statements were vehemently against the idea of any form of new software new technologies, new cameras, new police new station agents, all that they just want business as usual, and it confused the heck out of me. I remember a time where I was on the Bart wants and a guy got up and kicked out every single light in the ceiling. Walked stepping over people to kick out light. And nobody glass was dropping on people. Nobody did anything. Yes. People are scared while you got a couple of problems in California. Ryobi people. Are scared won an overall. Remember? I was mugged man. You probably it's probably don't even know the strategy. Grigor friends mugged on the Washington Mall. In a bright sunny day in eighth grade for our civics trip to DC, I was the only Iran to adults around us to say, hey, we're being mugged help us adults would literally turn and walk away from me until I could find a park ranger. You know, my little boy scout southbound found a park ranger came the end up catching the kids, they got arrested, etc. But the adults wanted nothing to do with it when he child was saying, we're being mud people. Don't want to get involved. This is why we have law enforcement because we're too scared and often we're also frightened though legal consequences of getting involved. We're getting hurt ourselves as well. Even what do we do about people who don't even want to prevent those things? We're all upset about Neil Wilson were all upset about. You know, I think most people are upset that you know, gangs of young adults regardless of their race. Because I know that was a hot topic for a while. But regardless of the race gangs of young adults with storm the trains, and rob people of everything they had and yet there's groups of people out there. Who say like, no, we don't need more police. We don't need more. We don't need higher turnstiles. We don't need nothing. They just want business as usual that counterintuitive to our society. I I don't get it. Here's what it is real. It's enjoy our conversations. Thanks for calling in. It's called leadership. We lack leaders. We don't have leaders leaders paint a vision and explain what it is that we're trying to achieve and then the explain why we want to go there with them to this vision that they've painted name for me the last person in the bay area that you thought boy, this is a strong leader. And you're not gonna name one with bar because you can't think of one we've had very varieties of some forms of leaders in various forms. But that's what a leader. Does. There's no leadership. That's happening right there. Ryoko thanks for bringing in four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Mike in Pleasanton, Mike, you're on KGHM with Ethan Bearman. Hey, so what I think I would do is. Yeah. If you gotta add more. Police officers but make them undercover just like air marshals where. But a public campaign out there that we now have Bart Marceau's undercover. And try to you know, maybe put one on every train, but just with that campaign alone. You all know Bart Marshall on the train or not that could probably take you out for causing problems. The other problem is just two people wanting to put stuff on YouTube and video instead of stopping it. Right. Didn't tackle that crazy guy today. I would've went over and kicked him in the head and probably killed him. Just because he's threatening people's lives. We got too many people wanting to you too baby thing and get hit instead of taking I wouldn't say wallet own hands. But stopping it, right? Said of being a bystander watching it take place like a movie or something? No. That's an interesting point one. We had a couple of different points or one. Let's not kill anybody. Just restrain the individual until bar police can arrive unless somehow it's not safe. But I like this idea of of the undercover police, I think that you need more of that. Because they're the ones who will be you know, because look we know that uniform presence matters uniformed presence reduces crime in every scenario uniform presence undercover presence provides the opportunity to catch people who maybe aren't doing the crime in front of the uniform presence. But as soon as the uniform presence, isn't there? They feel empowered. Powered to commit whatever the crime is that they're gonna commit that's undercover comes into play. I support that idea. So if there's one hundred new officers, maybe you make thirty of them undercover forty of them undercover and sixty or uniform. I don't know what that looks like I would allow professionals to make that recommendation of what that should look like then Thirdly, Mike. You're absolutely right. We live in this age way. Too often people will stand there with their phone and not intervene. Not call nine one one not do anything because they just wanna film at for some actually really sick, and twisted reason that is totally inhuman by the way to do that to another human being just watch them. Get hurt watched them be abused. I think that is a really sick part of our society right now that hopefully we'll get turned around. My thanks so much for the call four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Larry in Antioch. Larry, you're on KGHM with Ethan Bearman. Thank you. My solution is to do exactly what you've just talked about leadership. My director has been director since nineteen ninety four twenty four years. And in that time has been a steady going downhill. My idea he's up for reelection. I'm voting for for his opponent. 'cause we need somebody new in there who can actually bring leadership the bars who can actually get a general manager hire a general manager will do something to fix the system. Yeah. I mean, it's that is probably the best point is if you feel like nothing has changed for the better, and you live in a district, your Bart director is up for reelection. Maybe you ought not to vote the person back in especially if they've been there since one thousand nine hundred four and you feel like things have not gone in the right direction. I. Don't like this tendency that we have there's this human nature that we have which is thanks for the call. Larry great, great to hear from you four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten we have this nature in us, which is and this benefits incumbents across the board. I don't care what political office your time. We have this thing where it's like. Yeah. But their mind director, congressman Senator whatever therefore well me now. Hey, look, they work for me. They'll spew some garbage about what they do even though. I don't feel like anything's changed or anything's happened in a way that I would want it to and or in the case if you live in Steve kings district in Iowa, he loves white nationalist. Hey, maybe I ought not to vote for another white nationalist to get reelected. I'm not comparing any Bart supervisor to that at all obviously director, I should say. But that's just what happens we get stuck in our pattern where really. No, they're an incumbent. So and what the heck I'll just vote for them now. But for the opposite vote for the person challenging the incumbent. Maybe if you don't feel like things are working in the right direction. So bart. What are we gonna do about? This chainsaw wielding people murders happening on Bart. I want to hear your suggestions. For one five eighty eighty eight ten. Taking a look at K G O traffic. We still have a three car accident.

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