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Here on the John Martin program Doug Collins is now interviewing Daniel Goldman you know we may get back to some of that a little bit that might produce some interesting fireworks back and your phone calls as well your listening to Thom Hartmann visit Tom Hardman dot com for audio and video are kids this is Tom Armen program only slightly unbalanced hi and welcome back I am curious to hear what's going on between Collins and Goldman Daniel Goldman is the investigator and lawyer for the Democrats Doug Collins of course hello again from Georgia who is the number two guy and the committee here it is well we should and a number of subpoenas for records with we did issue six subpoenas to executive branch agencies and they all defied our subpoenas and this moving on to other issues here the Wall Street journal reported that the committee issued at least for subpoenas to Verizon and AT and T. for call records is that correct he we are we wonder yeah yes we are because there are multiple numbers it's we we only issued subpoenas for call records for people who were involved in the investigation and who had already been subpoenaed by the committee for documents and testimony of their own absolutely wonderful for stomach ask my question four well I am trying to answer question date was it at least for yes thank you go to save us a lot of time there how many subpoenas were issued a ten day I don't know if they're talking to check your records this is important because we just found out about this all week and we got a massive document on over the weekend preparing for this hearing and was the chairman admitted there and the staff it made it they're not going to read all anyway so for all of your running for that at all that massive document on we're just simply as you.

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