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Fez jimmy with the five things you need to know for wednesday september twenty second. The house has passed a stopgap bill to keep the government running through december third. The bill also suspends a nation's boring limit for more than a year and provides more than twenty eight billion dollars in funding for disaster relief and more than six billion dollars in assistance for afghan refugees. The measure now faces an uphill battle in the senate. Here's republican senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell since democrats solder to go it alone they will not get senate republicans help with rising if it doesn't pass in the senate. The house majority leader. Steny hoyer on tuesday said he may take measures for the government runs out of funding next week. Brazil's health minister has tested positive for kovic nineteen while in new york for the united nations general. Assembly officials say marcelo. Quiroga is doing well and other members of the brazilian delegation tested. Negative for the virus quiroga says he has been vaccinated with a chinese-made corona vaccine. But it's not clear when he got the shot no quarantine in new york for fourteen days. There were concerns before the general assembly. That it would be a super spreader event and the. Us government sent out a letter to encourage world leaders to consider joining virtually but more than one hundred heads of state and government officials arrived in person for the event with some of them unvaccinated including the president of brazil. And staying with the un. A small aircraft was intercepted over the hudson river yesterday. According to the faa and north american aerospace defense command the plane violated a temporary flight restriction in place for the un general assembly. The faa says the small sesamoid eighty two plane entered the airspace around two pm. Yesterday it was intercepted by f sixteen fighter jet and was escorted out of the airspace without incident turns out that plane is on only owned by the us military academy at west point but the aircraft was flown by a us military instructor pilot. The academy said in a statement. He says it's investigating a magnitude five point. Nine earthquake struck australia on wednesday. The epicenter was in the state of victoria near the country's second largest city of melbourne according to the victorian state emergency service residents described their shock and surprise as houses across the city began to shake in a city. That hasn't had an earthquake of this size in decades. Cnn meteorologist pedram. Jerry says quakes of this strength aren't common in australia notice. This one comes in just shy of eighty six point. That happens once every ten years so the event is rather rare. The quake was felt as far away as sydney about six hundred miles away. There have been no reports of injuries and michael jackson. Memorabilia seized from politicians house. In equatorial guinea will be used to pay for kovic nineteen vaccines in the country. This comes after a settlement agreement between the us and the country's vice president who was accused of acquiring assets in the country with ill-gotten gains he has disputed those claims some of the assets confiscated include luxury vehicles and a pair of two hundred seventy five thousand dollar jewel encrusted gloves. Belonging to michael jackson. Nearly twenty seven million dollar seized from the items will be given to the un.

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