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Burned by a massive California wildfire. Cal fire public information officer Steve carpenter updates figures on homes damaged their loss to the camp. Fire single residents damaged two hundred and sixteen. Destroyed nine thousand seven hundred. Multiple residents damaged sixteen destroyed one hundred and forty four while five Accu e Ron Smith says he wants President Trump to see the devastation for the campfire under president bring the congress Megamall take a look at the. Parker and more airplanes. Barstool going. President Trump heads to northern California Saturday to see firsthand the grief and devastation from the deadliest wildfire in a century. He's now Georgia's governor lack Republican Brian. Kemp says the Georgia gubernatorial election is over with democratic rival Stacey Abrams acknowledgement that she can't win the race. And he's urging the state to look forward. Final result had been unresolved since election day itself until the Abrahams speech effectively ended the contest in a written statement, Mr. Kemp says quote, the election is over and hardworking Georgians are ready to move forward. We can no longer dwell on the divisive politics of the past. But most focus on Georgia's bright and promising future unquote that moving forward as the promise of a federal lawsuit by MS Abrahams who is still claiming in her words, quote, gross mismanagement unquote of the elections, George Monzon reporting in the Florida recount democratic Senator Bill Nelson chances of holding onto his seat appear to be slipping away as he is falling far short of the thousands of votes that he needed to overtake his Republican opponent. Governor Rick Scott. More of these stories at townhall dot com. This is Michael medven here with Mike Stahl from healthmarkets helping folks find the right Medicare coverage. The news reports say that the rates might be going down the cost of many Medicare plans.

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