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Drivers who aren't supposed to be on the bridge. Drivers will get a $75 ticket in the mail for each violation come on, whose time 509 rescue crews and Indonesia have found The black box is from ah Boeing 7 37 500 that crashed Saturday into the Java Sea just four minutes after take off. It's the same airport where a Boeing 7 37 Max crash two years ago, ultimately causing the grounding of the max for more than a year for design changes. 62 people were on board. This latest plane that crashed. There were no survivors. The plane is not the same as the 7 37 Max, what's was grounded after two deadly crashes. A small helicopter with two people on board crash landed there in ice rink in hotel in Okanogan County over the weekend. No one was hurt with that chopper fell from the sky. It happened Saturday afternoon in Winthrop. And on Mount Rainier. Some sad news over the weekend of visitor at the park has been found dead after falling Rangers recovered the body of 65 year old Constance Markham of Eatonville yesterday she was located on a steep slope below Rik Sekar point along a park road Rangers learned of her accidental fall Saturday afternoon. Come on news time. 5 10. It's time to get to the beacon Plumbing. Sports desk. Com Hustlers here Good morning. Good morning College football's national championship game set for tonight and hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Alabama, looking for their sixth title with Nick Saban is their head coach. The tide favored by 8.5. Any NFL rather than prepare for the next match up to see hot players with the V. Mac and rented yesterday, cleaning out their lockers after losing to the Rams Saturday among those who were still shaking their heads at the season had come to an end. Safety Jamal Adams is tough man. Obviously, you know, this is this wasn't the plan, right? But You know we can. We can come up with a million and one excuses, but Said to matter we're not gonna do it, You know, I mean, you know hats go off to You know l a yesterday three games, The Baltimore Ravens beat Tennessee 20 to 13 and an A F C wild card game. New Orleans held off the Bears in the NFC 21 9 and the final match of the weekend. Cleveland pulled off the upset win over Pittsburgh for the first playoff win. Since 1919 99 48 37 their first postseason victory in 26 years, and the first playoff road wins is December of 1969. There's a pretty good women's college basketball team over on the police. Charlie's Ledger, Walker made a layup of the buzzer and over time Washington State beat number seven Arizona 71 69. The Cougars have one foreigner. Others seven and one for the year SPORTS Instead of 40 past the hour, Tom Butler colonies come on his time, not 5. 12. Efforts continue across the country to get Americans vaccinated against covert 19 more quickly. Here is ABC news correspondent Trevor All New York City, opening so called vaccine mega sites trying to meet the historic demand. But on day one, a surprisingly small turnout, the national vaccine rollout has gotten off to a sluggish start of the 22 million doses distributed. Less than seven million shots have been administered so far. States like Florida still seeing hours long lines There's way more demand from seniors. Then there's been supplies so far. That will start to change in Texas San Antonio officials opening a clinic at the Alamodome this week. 9000 available slots booked in just six minutes and the city flooded with nearly 200,000 calls. We're not where we had hoped to be at this point, given the vaccine, we thought we would have now President elect Joe Biden, hoping to accelerate the process as soon as he's sworn in Saying here released nearly all available vaccine doses. Instead of saving some for second shots. Covert 19 has now killed nearly 375,000 Americans as we hear from ABC, Zoran shot the average daily death toll soars above 3000. I've been here 21 years. I've seen more people passed away in the past week. In the past couple weeks, Really? The night's almost like a combined and all of my career as a nurse at ST Joseph's.

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