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That was pretty dumb. I was wrong. There were some injuries going on ended. Another thing I'm trying to quantify as how difficult it is for teams to like Gel and have that cohesiveness and continuity, which is a very difficult thing to do. Because that's not really something you can throw into a data sheet I. Have I'm once again kind of on the Falcons offensive line to be a little better, and now, if that recent knowledge of how they kind of fell on their face, I'm a little worried for the jets because they moved around so many pieces, and they only have like two. I think two starters from last year so again with what we're going through. I think it might be a little bit of a problem to have most of your offensive line. Having never played together on the little word for darnold. Agus yeah that definitely is going to be a common theme across all the all these players, every position every team. Issues one of those things and I've seen teams like working out on the side like on their own and stuff players get together twenty thirty guys I don't know how much that matters or helps really but it's hard to ignore you know this concern of interesting office of lying like Nazis Yeah worse when you think about it. I know I know. It's kind of a cop out, but like man this so unprecedented so hard to. figure out how much is going to affect everyone? Yeah, so which one did you put? Worsens Donald Daniel Jones easy darn okay, darnold I'm I'm not I'm Kinda high on the giants passing game this year as well Nice. Bad feelings on this one. No pretty much in lockstep with adjustments. Saying I mean my only real concerns would be about yeah offense of lines being able to GEL on the off season with so many moving parts in in New York like that, and then obviously Atlanta has had just atrocious offensive line for years now. I wasn't really aware of the line moves that they made her how that would impact the moving forward so initially. I kind of have them at the bottom of this, but but yeah I mean. All Alternately Just would be echoing anything JUST INSTEAD OF WHY It's funny because you know with this being a theme of the show as far as the you know the corona, and and maybe time to Joe Each Other I. I'm kind of curious when NFL player how he would answer that like wouldn't nfl player actually be honest and say it's affecting our major way where they say you know what it's overblown. It's not that big of a deal like I'm kind of curious. I don't think I've read anything from an NFL player answering that has. Have you guys seen that around at all or I haven't either. Yeah I'm kind of. Really good at controlling their players, yeah. They do pretty good. It's kind of a problem. kind of a problem The last one we have here is David Montgomery Bell and sending. Michelle, all head over fifteen carries per game until nineteen, while also having under the dreaded four yards per carry, so whose volume is most likely to be more efficient in twenty twenty just want to take this one. Yes sure Kind of leaning towards David Montgomery him in him in dollar probably. Neck and neck. I'm not sure Sony. Michelle is gonNA receive anywhere near fifty carries a game this coming season. I think is just GONNA go back to it. It's always been. They have other mouths feet over there. You really hasn't shown out. We Damien eight the job at this point like mom. Yeah, right, come on, so it's iron, shelby and injured, and this and that and when he could be should be Jessica. It Damien Harrison. Let's move forward here. Please come on. Let's let the new offense in new. England be Steadham Damian Harris Nikiel. Hurry, let's move this thing forward. Enough of these guys man anyone else Josh. Champions, yeah exactly, and they have that right so like all these healthy guys that are like halfway decent and on offense and signed. Josh strongly about. What what does everybody think new? England's doing this year? Does anybody know? Does anybody have any idea what they're doing leaving to play this year? They just got a four game. Like like what what is. What is their playing at this point? To like Sony. Michelle seems like a good option. Just you guys be extremely efficient. Run the ball. Rotate your running backs constantly and utilize that asset because you don't have literally anything else going for you. It seems, but really I mean I. don't even know how you could answer this. Oh, question I mean! It's kind of mind boggling that guy he gets two hundred forty carries and have three point seven yards per carry. It's pretty atrocious had off his shoes last year, too. Many for me Levian Bell plays on the worst coach team in the NFL so I cannot be confident. They're either so for me. It's like a default David. Montgomery and I really not even been on David Agree I think that the bears this a whole or just not headed in the right direction, and I mean obviously out of all three of these Montgomery from me with at the top, but I'm not confident any I don't think any of their prospects going into next year, and they're not going to be drafted on. Really any of my teams and has has a lot to because you're a bears fan, so you talk so lowly of your parents, I don't know what the bears do. This, I don't know what the Nick foles move is I, don't. At all, maybe maybe he's better than Mitchell trubisky, but like how much better the. right now. I just think it's a bunch of guys just trying to keep the job Adam and try to get eight wins Adam as Raider Fan I. Don't know we've been doing for the last fifteen years, but I would never speak. You know that. I would never speak like you to mark Russell dairy as Hayward Bay. All Stars come on Baby Andrew Walter all-star. Whoever we draft your. This is your years. This is my ear rugs all-star. and Go, man.

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