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Rob oh man you we got we got a lot to talk about marcellus we've got all the nfl games we've got rose bowl got the national championship game we got lakers we got isaiah thomas coming back home georges in town i don't know where to start meant more do you maybe i'll just follow era aren't we learned well i the thing that i still can't get over weird to encourage now we're talking about this after the game we're talking about a little bit yesterday hewson yesterday i still can't get over the fact one year i know things move fast in the nfl one year the rams went from the least interesting team mart a team that lost to the san francisco forty nine irs twice the only two games they won with her i record for them to a team that has got a real chance who in one year right with not that many changes others i mean the head coach jobs he's a massive change but it it's it's staggering in the i still can't write my head around that well you know what it highlights something that always used to sit my belly over the years is certainly since i retired is is so many things have to go your way for you to win in this league and now only win but to be consistent with that winning ls just take it to the top to win a championship f you think about us the chess match and we say that cliche but in reality the coaches that could put their players improper places uh proper pieces that are drafted or through free agency you get a stroke of luck in terms of health and be ready for the playoffs but it just makes me go back into my career in other guys career to say is just a mapping that needs to happen yet where you to be successful and say what you want about jeff fischer there were good days obviously tennis idol already guy.

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