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Going route to sprint turf to to pita doing a lot of different things dropping of 4000 non winners of Lifetime. Uh, two races for the first time gets the leading jockey Pedro Terrero. You've got to look at that, so he's going route to Sprint. Dropping down to this level and has numbers that could do some damage. So number 10 6 to 1 seems like a good price. That's why we included him at the top call. Number four persistent. He came off a double line lay off, he'd been off for over a year and a half. Came back at the very bottom level $2500 claimers and ran a decent race showed some speed. For Bill Delia was claimed out of that race by same Calvario, who hit the 24% with its first off the claim, So that's a good angle there. First off the claim for the trainer. He put them in this race restricted. The non winners of two lifetime finds a good spot. And I think persistent could be, um, pretty pretty speedy from up front. And hold on there. So 10 4 to 11 was our ninth race plays. But again, that's a grab bag race. You might want to do one of those exact boxes in the big field and hope to get lucky. So, uh, had do a chance to look at any particular race for tomorrow. Labor Day. I do. I'm a best fit for tomorrow and then a value bet for tomorrow. The best right being the night and so in the ninth race tomorrow would be our best bet. That's gonna be 4000 non orders of two to close out the day tomorrow. Those are thrilled and up Phillies and I think cold Brew Kelly for Steve Sherman. Coming in there. She is the morning line favorite, but I think you can build some tickets and really key her here. She's really well met in this spot. She's been running on turf for her last four. She goes back to Topeka, but which she has shown that she likes. And cold brew. Kelly, uh, should be the one there. Um, number number three in the ninth race tomorrow Number three Cold brew Kelly, the best bet over the other Steve Sherman play. Cocoa Sense number four. So I was a number three was the best bet tomorrow and then in the fourth rate We have a mile for starter allowance believe And I like at a price. I like 10 to 1. Lorraine's Legacy Number four. Over a number five torque. A 2 to 1 tomorrow, so value bet of the day. I think it's 10 to 1 on Lorraine's Legacy Number four in the fourth. And the other horse we like in that race is the five Tor case so value play. They're getting from 10 to 1 on Labor Day, and that's about to end the day. So a little bit of Little bit of Little bit of Hopefully, Labour day winning there. All right. Tell us how you can get a hold of, uh, the speed figures dot com We put out a daily sheet with those picks. We also We also love to play the pick Fours and the pick five. So if you're into that, I think that's the best bet at the track. Are the 50 Cent pick fours and pick five were definitely, um, we put out our sheet definitely with that in mind, but we give our top three picks in every race. And that's always available at speed figures dot com. The website and today's We're giving out today's report..

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