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Fight heavyweight for me and if you like it you can keep going if you don't like it you don't have to ever do it again and there's like all right i'll give it a shot no one my first two fights and under thirty seconds and from there it was like all right fuck was do far we can go yeah he what i love about it sounds like quickly if i'm wrong but it sounds like it's kinda like sure you had this moment but it was like a slow dig out of that phase right i think that a lot of people like and some people have these moments but like he no they kinda hope for this moment that's just gonna change your life and make you see the light and from that moment i was change and it's like sure you might notice in one moment like hey i'm going to far here whatever but like i just love the like slow i was similar went through a similar phase it didn't go that far but felt very similar and to me it was what it took to get to positive was literally just starting by going for walks around the block then seeing if i could jog around the block then going the friend to a soul cycle class then reading a book than reading too you know what i mean then finger meditation was and it was such a slow thing that i feel like even today just my natural personality like i have to constantly keep moving or else i know that that exists somewhere right yeah yeah but that's the beauty of it you know everything's snowballs so like which direction are you heading are you making progress or you in and everybody thinks you know especially in the west we think about progresses financial gain or more things or more follow initial freedom yeah more callers more like shit and it's and it's about like what are you doing for yourself you know like the financial pieces and important piece of it but the same time it's really what are you doing that builds you up that that fulfils human life no that that that really makes you more whole you know at the end of each day i think m may was the first catalyst for that and obviously you know having started my career the way that i did like it hooked me in and i realized you know i was still distracting myself with video games in between training i was just playing video games and hanging with friends and drink and still and at a certain point i realized that if i'm not doing something for recovery like massage stretching yoga i should be reading i should be learning more about the things that it will actually propel me further and at some point video games were out an ice to play madden like twelve hours a day in college you know so that was a big shift for me too but those were all the things like in fighting i read more books on health and well illness diet nutrition mobility recovery bio hacks and supplements you know far more than i ever did in college yeah yeah that's fine man how that works i just there's such a his such like reoccurring theme of this with people that are high achievers like of it just makes me wish that there was a different schooling or a different you know what i mean like you see the same errors go wrong time and time again and it's like man i just i don't know so then what how did your fighting career progress you're on alternate fighter yet fought in region the cage got to five no button king of the cage a few times lost my first fight there and you know being from the bay area i trained a little bit about at a american kickboxing academy when i was in high school and they had blown up i mean a lot of guys that i when i was at playing football at issue a lot of guys that were on the wrestling team in a fighting the ufc ryan bater cb doll away and came alaska's and cain was at a k he wrestled heavyweight at issue and mild strength coach who's a savage he's big house joe can he he's the head coach of the carolina panthers now for their string program uhhuh he was like kingsbury.

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