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The where the Facebook pages that and be able to catch the all streaming concert tomorrow ten thirty AM here in central time zone tomorrow Thursday March nineteenth Justin thanks so much man great set great threat to talk to you and good luck with the stream yes sounds great thanks for having me three well how about that that's great this this moment of of just uncertainty and worry not just you know with what's happening you know what of course all the news and and in our safety and our health but also just you know not knowing what's next for us together Justin Roberts who are using their creativity for good he's got a piece from Justin when he was on his quick song this was what his band came in on studio for thirty five a couple years ago I think it's twenty eighteen here's here's here's a here's a piece I forget the name of the song would too tall to ride or something like that but here's Justin Roberts the call forty seven the your brother seen C. calms down lost speed is there will be no more turning around speed is is the it is yeah there you go Justin Reid the young voices of twenty eighteen voice right there Justin Roberts from when he was on the program back in studio on our segment studio for thirty five receiving live bands into the the old trip tower fishbowl Bob Ferguson used to rip that thing apart remember that he would rip it apart every Monday night we would have bands full bands was not you know I would have drum kits and trumpets and trombones everyone time behind my head in the studio there's just a big trombone boom boom boom boom but that's where we are recorded that must be this tall to ride Justin Roberts and his band were in studio one night and he played a number of songs that you can find all that stuff online studio for thirty five would be the tag if you're looking for the WGN radio page because we had a ton of different bands in there yeah Justin Roberts you can watch him do a livestream tomorrow by a a request all request concert is kids from not just Chicago because use nationally known I guess said these Grammy nominee no one sees Grammy Award winning but I feel like we were really pushing for member that was like we're like yeah just go winding in when we're like what's what is it what's wrong with the world I just remember that the time so because I think that was when we had him on he was just about to go to the Grammys at the time so yeah Justin Roberts of course live in our studio for thirty five back when we were at the trib tower all right coming up Mick Napier Janice Lynn and the crew at the annoyance theatre have an idea of how to essentially help their theater which is close like many theaters are closed they have decided to lock themselves in I think it started tonight I think this is the first hour so you know its the which integrate theaters in Chicago has been a stalwart outsider theater they've done late night comedy improv so many great people from Jeff Garlin Andy Richter Jane Lynch I I'm not even naming half Conor o'brien have to people come out of annoyance theatre but they have decided to do a go fund me page that's essentially like a dance upon their locking themselves in their self quarantine there is self isolating whatever you wanna call it you know they are making some having some fun but the theater company which is I don't know how many people making gentle tell us are also deciding to sell forty I don't know for how long but there is set up a go fund me page will talk to the annoyance theater right after the break here and seven twenty WGN.

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