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It's there's there is room for legal wrangling there's room for interpretation is appropriate for this to be hammered out in the court but it's not a trivial issue it is the it is the foundation of the constitution to form a more perfect union amongst the states which includes the federal law being the supreme law the land under all circumstances right and you know talk to jail when you talk to anyone from other countries from europe excuse me from asia anywhere else they don't understand our state system at all they don't understand how someone in california has different laws than someone in kentucky or someone in tennessee they don't understand why certain people are allowed to carry around guns in weapons but other people can't depending on what state they don't have pretty weird is pretty were yeah the crazy breakdown of our state system your at you go from texas to main it's a completely different world warmed ripthrough through for their to their air we've there are certain things with the streets are allowed to determine for themselves and the fake those are things that are not specified by the federal government when the earth best webroot federal government the federal government rain they right so are in again i don't know it i'm not a constitutional lawyer and i'd love to hear from one eight hundred two two two five two two two we are going to hear from uh frizzell democratic assemblyman walking around bula hooper process name correctly in just mere moments after sexual predators uh swung in a lecture at husband moses instilling lawyer hear about that story we're going to take a we got a lot to talk about midday live hey exempt traffic from the till martyr body traffic that's just one accident it's a northbound nine and north of redwood gulled elsewhere around the bay it's another great day to see some slow traffic westbound on eighty from ashby avenue into the maize if he continued around the corner towards san francisco you'll find the metering lights green if you're leaving the city that is jammed up already today northbound one on one from cesar chavez to the baybridge traffic is sponsored by habits and associates personal injury attorneys have you suffered losses due to the california fires no your rights habits and associates is here to serve you you've lost your business home or car you deserve answers call.

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