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Mac Davis is character was like Snake and Actually was probably more flipped. Nick Nolte's character was more Like Like Freddy Bullet? Yeah. But then if I remember right going, I haven't seen this movie A while. Nick Nolte's character, like really had the booze problem, right? Or was it? I can't remember. I'm not voted. It was was Subodh Matuzak. I mean, there was something It was so realistic. So what? Math Davis was a big country and Western singer was this was his big head. I don't that I do not know what I'm out. Judge Music guy talking Mac Davis Davis, just from North Dallas, 40. Remember what is big it? Wass isn't he Wasn't the one who wonder no Don't cry, Daddy a little less conversation. Baby Don't get hooked on me that was thinking that maybe that was it hooked on your side of the bed is I don't know. I just like that. You said something would say about Daddy. I just I just think that drop is great. Yes, that was a great drawer. So he said some about Daddy. You know, we gotta watch nor tailors for. That's what I was thinking. We don't have any time We got eight baseball games in the finals tonight. Sorry, Mac. It's gonna be you know, it's trouble. Eso this happened in. Where did this happen? This is a Domino's pizza delivery driver. Guy's name that ordered the pizza is Jonathan Terry. Hey, ordered the pizza on Sunday night. He was, Let's see did it with this? Let's see his girlfriend. That's he So he checks the footage from his ring Doorbell app. He's getting a domino's pizza. And the driver. I guess there was some dessert that he had ordered a CZ well. And he rubbed a tub of ice cream on his crotch before handing it over to the customer. But he did it on the porch of the customer. And the customer has one of those, you know, doorbells. That you can see. And so he saw the guy do it. So what did this guy do? You brought a pizza. First of all, what do they have A delicious desserts of dominoes. I guess it's I guess, Leader you ever order I can't remember the last time I ordered of dominoes. I have the right in front of me. That's disgusting. It's just one of those tiny. It's not even a tub. I wouldn't call it, you know, like a Ben and jerry size, maybe even smaller than That's what it is. But why did he do? He didn't take the lid off. I'm looking at it. They have the the outside because it was so hot. You just He takes the ice cream while he's on the porch of the guy. And he grinds it in there pretty good, and he's rubbing it in his crotch and then down. What's his motivation here just to probably a jerk, and then he rings the doorbell. Today on they had like a GoPro go. Yes. So here's what happened. The guy is he's home with his girlfriend, the girlfriend out later just briefly afterwards. He says he was home with a friend because my girlfriend was out and we decided to order some food. About a half hour After arrived. My girlfriend called and said Don't whatever you do, eat the ice cream, so she must have looked at her app. You know, looked at some old You know the footage and she saw it while she was out, and she called me and said, Don't eat the ice cream. Wait a minute. What flavor? Ice cream. Did he order? Maybe it was the short and curlies That's so bad. Hey, may have had an itch on his crotch but had to scratch it with something I'd paid for. It's disgusting, so that he'd get Did you get dismissed from his job? Or did they get a promotion? In this country. Who knows? I don't know what motivated to do that. You know, the people he was delivering to. Andi must describe my maybe had a scratch. Maybe in a niche and know it was hot. Scratched an itch to take the cookies and cream here..

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