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Rock podcast. I am back with Misty Bailey from joyfully. homeschooling and we're talking about. How to deal with the naysayers in our lives, and we had a great conversation about that on Monday and so today we're going to kind of tie that into the importance of cultivating friendships with other homeschool MOMS in in in home, school communities so I am so glad if not I'm glad to have misty back. If you've not yet listened to that first part of the PODCAST, go back and listen to that misty. Thank you for joining me today. I'm glad to have you back. Yet Michio excited to be here. Yes a great conversation about This? How to respond to those people and you? Some really good points on on just how to. Deal with those in our lives, who maybe are not on board with home, schooling and and and you know we won't go through olive again because we talked about those in part, one but one of the things that we have talked about is that there is is so important to have. Friendships with people who are like minded other homeschool MOMS being part of a home school community, and just having that support, because especially if you don't have the support of your family, but even if you do, we really need to work to cultivate. Mom Friendships and homeschool mom friendships if we are homeschool moms, and because it's really kind of what fills us up. I know for myself. What keeps me going? I'm as being able to talk to my my friends, in India's off of them when I'm having a hard day just. Saying you know, please pray for me. We're having a rough day today. And then being able to do the same with me, so I would love for you to talk misty about that in just how you have gone about cultivating those friendships in in your ten years of homeschooling. Yes so when I started home schooling like I said in the last part I had no family support whatsoever. And actually that's High I. Really only knew one other homeschool. Mom and at the time is crazy because I felt her kids were so much older than mine, and they were, I think second. Second Third Third Fourth. Job But my kids were preschool age about like she was home schooling. These older kids is, she wants to my church. Her name's Jamie. Brown indentured homeschool mentor, and honestly she really took me under her wing. She introduced me at the time to four other moms than they had all started home schooling together. Of raise their kids together in done these get togethers once or twice a month than she invited the alongside them and. Again. They all had kids older than mine. And You know she really helps me and I. think that without her. Actually I know without her. I would not have kept on home schooling because she would tell me you know. She told me she your first couple years. It's going to be hard. You know you're gonNa cry, you know. This is what you can do in really if I texted her or asked her any any questions at all, she would help me. Her and the other moms in our community and I saw the relationships they had with each other and the relationships their kids all had within each other, and it gave me hope it encouraged me. It helped me to realize that you know I could do this and my kids. You know there was some i. don't forget what you call it, but you know the proof is in the pudding Aymen's. It helps me to see that because these kids were older than mine and you know. Some of them had junior high school kids. You know it really helps. Encourage me that you know. I could keep doing this and gave me hope for my kids in for our ability to home school So I think that that right? There is really what helped me. Go ahead and jump in and do it, and like I could but I then also decided okay. Jamie, was this to me. You Know I. Want To then be this mentor to other MOMS which is really kind of helps me start my blog by podcast, but in addition to that I started a home school group in our community. There were two or three other moms who had younger kids like my kids. You know preschool kindergarten age and we started getting together and started kind of forming our own. Group about a year after I started home schooling, and you know our kids have grown up together and that little group of just three or four MOMS as now into. We had eighty kids. Up last fall and You know it really helped. Start something in our community. And even we started doing field trips in just different things like that and those. MOMS really have been the ones who have helped me continue to home school. They're the ones you know that we call each other. We hold each other accountable. They're the people who helped. Encourage us courage each other. When we're having those hard days in that community feel there's community relationships I. Think are so important in the home school community in too often times we don't realize. How important they are yeah, and it is so very important to have those relationships, and even you know it's fun to see like field trips going on, and and just being able to do life together I know that where we are. In Georgia right now. There's a great community of homeschool families who who'd do things together. You know and it kind of. The the younger kids do things together. They've got a high school kind of section of the group that does things together but even simple things like one of the groups a while back. They had a I. Forget what they call it, but like a curriculum I know display group not to sell your curriculum, but they said everyone bring your favorite curriculum. We're GONNA. GonNa meet at the park. Let the kids play and then be able to look at what other people are doing and then we got to. You know what we weren't there to sell anything or do anything it was just you know there's always the question every year of what you do for history. What do you do for science? What do you do for language arts? And so it was so great to be able to go and just say Oh you use you know this w. what do you think of it? I've never used this? I was thinking about this, and you get to open it and feel and talk to the mom who used this year. doing things like that. You know you know we. We have another Our big support group does a curriculum sale, and so we couple of weeks ago, we actually had this huge book sale where everyone went and sold their used curriculum or stuff that they weren't using anymore and I got some amazing deals as a matter of fact I have to tell you I was so excited I felt like I had won the lottery. There's a free table there at people just don't want to worry about deal about selling it. They just want to. Get it off. Their hands and someone had an entire box set of McAfee readers. I St- for free and I was so excited about these I brought him home, and we watch little house on the prairie from time to time. You know it's just one of those fun. Little shows and secretly I want to be. Laura Ingalls Wilder. Who Go I. Do want interest like Mary Kerry Kerrey Laura Right Right yes yes. Yes, I do want to have electric. But sometimes I want the simple life. I don't want to have to bathe in a in a tub either You know that to us by everyone in the family, but you know anyway. For those who have not read the Little House series. You must read it because it's amazing but anyway it was just so exciting to get those books. And then we came home, and I gave them to my daughter and my nine year old, and she was like these are the ones the US on little house on the prairie and. Laura Ingalls Wilder actually read when she was a kid, and so she started reading, and she thought it was.

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