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Six five oh five four six two six John in Saint cloud Minnesota next up good evening John yeah glad to hear you're implying petals tonight I think the democratic you know is becoming very right now I have one thing to say about the federal bureau of investigation it revealed it fondling bomb blowing in comp years ago during the Atlanta Olympics bombing when they tried to quit and the security guard Richard Jewell who spotted the bomb and yelled the warning they are meeting IBM be spotted the bomb they tried to trick him into signing a away here's a right and when it turning and others thank very low correct back to me reveal there have become nothing but while as a matter of fact it started back in the Hoover years when we started okay the folks couldn't afford to a because a lot of money for not turning up properly and investigate at to plead guilty as well I would would know that the FBI sort of didn't handle the Richard Jewell case well to suggest that the entire FBI is clowns is simply not true they remain overall one of the greatest crime fighting organizations in the world and this FBI bears little resemblance to the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover having said that we obviously have serious problem with oversight and with people injecting political bias into their day to day action so that's as far down that road as as I would go one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six this is Dave in Fort Bragg North Carolina good evening Dave good evening Jim thanks for taking my call again you know it's funny I just got off with your producer talking to when I heard you say exactly what I just told her this is a very fragile election it is the everybody's running around you know and it's gonna be a landslide look what they're doing they're driving in or what no not at all in the thing that I was trying to impress upon hers the impeachment is not about impeachment they're sending a message they didn't want an outsider to run for political office and he did not only did but he got the job so one he's gotta stop fussing about they're picking on me they're picking on me yeah they are they're going to so stop but the other thing is they're trying to send us a message Hey if we can do this to him we can do it all again she got up there one day and made the statement we are in charge now that's your thought that's where they want to go with this they don't they don't care how they go about doing this what they care about is the fact that they're in charge in your your guest in the first hour was talking about voter fraud but it's still going on and especially in Texas the other day they released a report from one county in Texas where they had confirmed over fifteen hundred illegal aliens in low one channel she had voted illegally this is huge and I'll guarantee you that that's what they're doing stuff like that they're driving and if you number one they came up with the voter fraud back in twenty ten Obama came out and said there's no proof of any significant number of fraudulent voters will the number you know any any is a significant number one is a significant number what and I remember when you and I were talking before this last mid term we're talking impeachment and it was kind of a you know Nancy was saying well I don't think okay and I said you know it ain't tomorrow yet and and were there but I don't think the impeachment is about impeachment I think what they're doing is they're they're not only their confusion and distracting trump and they're trying to distract an entire nation from them preparing for however they're gonna miss handle this next election and it'll be somebody else's fault but they know that they can't win an honorable election so they're gonna win it however they can't or they're going to go about trying to win it however they can and that's what this is all about they're trying to send a message to the people well we're certainly afraid that they can't win on the selection unfortunately enough people out there I think are a private if you will especially young people who had socialism drilled into their brains for a couple of generations of we've advocated control of our educational system they they are going to act as though they they can't win a legitimate election by fears of they might win illegitimately election.

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