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Decker for Roque on 312981 72 100. You're We're going where you take us. I guess that's one way of putting it. We started out with Kellyanne Conway and George Connolly. Families that are so divided keep it together. Then somehow we got off and do weird funerals and dead people going to parties, So we'll find out what happens. Let's go to Ah, Bob, I believe was on the phone, Bob. Thanks for waiting. You're on w g N alone. Hey, John. Good to hear your voice. Well, thanks. I appreciate it. Yeah, well, I'm old, So I get to hear everybody. Well, that's one of the advantages of not dying. What can I tell you up? Way back when I'll level with Janis Joplin died. And there was a persistent Rumor going around. That she had written in her will a $5000 big quest. To someone. To make sure that they threw her a party. After she was dead. Were there Any other stipulations is to just just just said party. This party it is five grand. Go alright, think another piece of my heart. I'll drive a Mercedes Benz. Thanks. Thanks, Bob. Alright. Ah, GM was supposed to write down some names. You give me another Brian. Sorry about that, Brian. Let's go to the phones. Brian, you're on age. Hey, thanks for taking my call. Remember? Years ago? I think it was a drug dealer. Some Willy the wimp, and he had a Cadillac coffin. He even wrote a song about it. And was he buried in it? He was buried and it wasn't. Yeah, not it wasn't a can leg. But it was a coffin built like that, with the flashing lights and stuff in $100 fate bills and his fingers and Yeah, That was a big deal back then, when we do a wimp and a Cadillac Hoffmann, thanks for calling. I appreciate it. I got a text. 309. My dad said that Irish funerals in Chicago not only where the corpse has propped up But they would have a drink in their hands. I understand Also that someone I know went home from a gathering that was turning into a party and brought back his brother's ashes. So quote So he could party too. Unquote. Sometimes it's hard to let go. 312981 72 100 is the telephone number John Land Decker for Roe, Conn. And Harry Houdini. I believe also had A few other worldly Desires after he passed away and there there used to be a A radio announcer in on the West Coast. Can't remember his name. He's one of the early Founders of Shall we call it? Album, rock music as opposed to, you know. Top 40. Come down to you. That's the name. And it was his desire that His body be cremated and then his ashes be rolled up into well, marijuana joints and that that be passed around. As part of the ceremony. Um I don't know if that actually happened or if that was just a Urban myth. But Who knows? Stranger things can happen. 312981 72 100. That's the phone number. John Land Decker for Road con coming up later this afternoon. We're gonna talk to Michelle Nicholls, Who's the director of public Observatory and Adler Planetarium. Is there an asteroid coming near Earth on Election day? We'll find out. We'll also talk to He's director Ryan Burrows, who's going Tio. Give us the latest on what's going up. Going on up there in Kenosha as they face Situation that seems to be your occurring a little too often, Um I was looking at What streams every week If you do that, I mean with the coat, but you're at home. You know, you want to find out what streaming What's the new streaming? Movie or limited series or serious. What is it going to be? Well, the Time that people spend viewing. People spend going on Netflix who'll do whatever From July 2019 to July 20. 20. There were there was a 92% spike. That's a 92% spike. In the time the average American households spent streaming. According to the latest research, Netflix Which has released shows like Tiger King and Own Solve Mysteries in recent months accounted for the.

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