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Bill oh jerry i blocked here but there are hella just causes that got ghost week you don't like the language general but you're a free with aren't chill i didn't say anything about anyone suck at my yet this is the artistic way of today morgan a minute ago you talk about be careful what you say in the room and go i feel don't give me the lecture no that's what you were doing you're saying we got to be really careful other stuff that you say because who and now you're saying oh this is artistic how about that how dare you mocked by voice vote split some like to me thank you harvey worm and wherever he is back home soon marino you gotta how long have we keep up dole fence harvey how long is going to do that what do you mean homeowners assures you still carbs it up i know that but i've been told by david and others it pulls the audience we want for me i uh we're going to sift through five bility here going jr you don't choke talking about what the hellish suwalki gary caller sioux indians who ex trivial i as long as the guy as long as they're paying the freight so it is sponsored yes sponsored by that buster keaton cereal oh my god tied anyway welcome back to the program folks worldfamous fill every show here for this monday in we're just getting our our our act together so forgive me during the pre show and you guys were been talking about this of was talking about falling in love with soccer i watch a lot of soccer brennan does years ahead football coach there it to bill maher academy now he's got a problem with university yeah i mean the.

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