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Just it all the way. And Barry Jenkins joins me now from new Oakwell come to the program. Thank you. So we just showed a bit of the trailer. But even in the trailer, you can see sort of an exceptional lens on black experience in America. There's so much joy the focus on this love that you focus on. There's a certain naive Ted that you focus on. What was it that made you want to adapt this particular Baldwin novel? For me. I've always been a really big fan and Mirer of James Baldwin's work, Mr. Baldwin had quite a few voices. He wrote in but two of those voices in particular that always stood out to me was one voice that was obsessed with romance romanticism interpersonal relationships and the other boys that was just as obsessed passionate about pointing out his stomach injustice, and I felt like in this book, if they'll streak a talk those voices were perfectly fused, and the story addition Fani, I mean, they really are perfect. If you so tissues, the young go. She's nineteen phony is her boyfriend. They've known each other from when they were little little children, and they grew up into this really deep and sweet and wonderful love. And then he gets framed full a rape that he didn't do that his family is trying to get him out of jail full. But his this moment we wanna play a fairly lengthy clip of tissues family, telling funnies family that she's actually pregnant. Just listen. A child is coming. His cringe. Understand you. It's your grandchild. But differences and make how it gets here to challenge got nothing to do with that. Ain't none of us got nothing to do with that. Take your which you..

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