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My going to be like anything maybe seeing danger. I don't really see just a guy standing by the subway strolling through phone. Some guy walks by. Hey you wanna mess with me are just some guy in his way to work your punk era. What are you looking at him. That's why this is not a good situation. I don't want after mean. I do want to use the thing but i put myself in a tough spot and also we we occasionally but what three times year we have those random checks that are set up. I don't i don't stay going your bags good but they don't. We've set it up so the cops aren't allowed to do anything anymore. So they're not going to search your bags all right. No i'm not. I'm not worried about that anymore. The illegal people tell me they smoke weed right in front of police now that the police are told not to do anything about it. Oh i did talk to a police officer who went through new marijuana train over the weekend. I what is it. it's basically hands off. That's great let everybody whatever you want to stay as you drive down the ally and you don't have your filtration system on your car and your smell on it. You know the guy in front of you is smoking now is that guy. Is smoking weed in his car in front of me on the lie going sixty five miles an hour. And that's where you get your tasers ready in just perfect. Could you light a blunt with your teaser. Is i don't think so. No but like they're letting people they they don't want the police to get involved in the marijuana things. But if i open a beer on the street that's not legal. That can't do that even though it's illegal to drink beer. I got an open container ticket. When i was twenty two years old outside of madison square garden and i was just sitting there brown bagging drinking one of those twenty two ounce cans and comes up at the second i see him. I just quickly throw it in the garbage. It comes up because you kidding me. And he went into the garbage pulled out the beer then gave me the open container ticket. Yeah well that was back then. These times i had to go to court for that and take a course called cloud the quality of life. Course they're still offering that. I don't think certainly not no one's graduating now. So the guy who always says got has the mattress over their in house So you know my friend. I always say. He says sacrifice thick. It was me and him who got the open container ticket so they bring us up to this quality life course and we have to walk through a room where all people who got arrested and were like getting processed for the night brandon was just like a lot of vagabonds and stuff so this is bringing us through this room. Friend in that voice goes someone check. The quality of life in here in the cop goes. Excuse me nothing. It was just ridiculous ridiculous experience for drinking a beer street. Go to court. So what what did you learn at this quality of life class to not drink beer in the street basically because those are the rules. You know where you're allowed to drink beer where you're not allowed to didn't open container in the city in the rules in the city i've got out. There's no more rules. Yeah no more rules. Yeah yeah so. Let's just start. Tasted people in the street y. Not threats threats actually. Don't do that. we're just joking. Yes mark chernoff for just joking. We're not going to be tasting anybody. Robbie hicksville robbie what's happening. Hey guys great..

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