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Age of fourteen but a lot of the population doesn't know what they wanna do at fourteen much less forty. You know, they just didn't have a passion in life, which is unfortunate. So in any case, I got a call. I. I got a call. I didn't know addition or anything else, I got a call from this the saying, we we we want offer you five days on this show days our allies, I never watch days of our lives ever. I never watched a soap opera as far as I was concerned, especially from the drama school of you know, soap operas and warn. We're kind of all in the same boat. I mean, it was just like oh my God. We don't do that stuff. We only do Shakespeare, but I needed a job and a lot of actors identified their careers by what they didn't do. And so they didn't do very much. And I just went watch it asking me of the answer's yes. And what have you? So I got sent them Aotearoa, and I looked at the show, and I went, oh what they want is a psychopath. That's who I'm supposed to play. I'm a psychopath, but what this show desperately needs as a comedian because everything's sort of. Oh, really slow and very much fun. So I went on and I figured I live days on whether they're going to do and I played fully a psychopath. But with a great sense of you, and as I walked out after that as I walked out on the fifth day on the Friday to my car to you know, to forever, never, you know, be on this show again to producers came out, and they said, we're we're bringing you back. We you have to come back, and I go, well, I don't know how that's possible. I'm up repairs. And they went off don't worry about. That says, oh, Barbara we'll clean you up. And it became I did that for three years, and it was the most fun job. I have ever had you'd like the anti hero thing. Like, I I have to bring queue up. Right. I mean, he's the tag inist sort of. But is that just your preference? You like to sort of throw the wink in with those types of people to keep it interesting. Probably the enters. Yes. The other thing is is that just from an acting point of view, you really it doesn't really serve you to play of villain. As of Lynn. I've always played villains as the hero. It perhaps is simply a temperamental thing or a subtlety that, but I just don't play them that way. So as far as I'm concerned, Hugh is not at from from a writing point of view villain is always there to make the hero look more heroic. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm the hero. Well, and you provide a mirror you're the mirror that the hero gets to look into. I mean, you're saying all the things that nobody wants to talk about right with Star Trek. You know, it was the same thing. I came into one job, which was the first job. And then the first episode, and that was supposed to be was the end of it. So I have a career of sort of asked backing my way in the thing. Do you still audition or do you have this sort of career under show after all these decades? It's only it's really after my sailboat trip. I knew it by taking my sailboat trip at the age of sixty six or so that I was very likely after a two year hiatus going to come back to not much. You just can't go away for that type of time. And that's in fact, what I did I came back to not much, and then I began thinking about it and. Go you know, what I I really don't enjoy auditioning. And frankly, most of the shows in which I should pro or I don't really care whether I'm in, and so am I going to really work hard to resurrect something or make it, you know, I know. I'm not I'm not that interested. If a good project comes around. Then the answer is sure I did a marvellous play exactly a year ago in Washington DC John Rodman Bates play code by kunia where I play essentially Trump two point. Oh, Bill brilliantly written wonderfully directed by. Bob Egan who used to be at the taper. And and it was a big deal for me. I really committed to it..

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