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Sports illustrate incredible body of work. I really appreciate the integrity. Everything you do is well-done. You'd like dill's great. John thank bank east. Chris manet's these employed by sports illustrated. The announcers got it in for me. This is the crossover. Nba podcast problem with it. Build a team that can beat of hosted by the one in all. Thank god chris. Mannix paul west at is a familiar name in nba circles. He spent parts of six seasons as head coach to other half a dozen or so has an assistant spent many years in the college ranks as the only coach in history with an nba at wnba championship. He's also the author of the new book called the speed game and joins me now on the podcast paul. Thanks for joining me. On my pleasure. Chris so i guess start with me. The basketball beginning. How does a coach at lasalle wind up with the los angeles lakers well. It goes back to my a saint. Joe's college background You know i play for jack ramsay And also playing for ramsey. Was jack mckinney. Who While i a player was an assistant with with ramczyk. So then jack mckinney guests. The job as the new lakers coach. And he calls me and says i'd like you to come and be with may took me about seven seconds to say. Let me think it over. Yes some common and back then. Head coaches in the nba only had one assistant. So it was you know Was kind of an honor for mckinney to invite me and i was happy to oblige. It seems almost impossible to believe a day when there was only one assist now. I think there's one assistant per player right. Exactly there's a six on the bench behind the curtain and the sixth that that only do workouts. So it's a. It's a changing times there. So i mean for people that can't recall a time like that by. What are your responsibilities. As an assistant coach in those days you did a little bit of everything And i have to add to this. You and the head. Coach did bad eighty percent of the scouting so as you now know. There is a scouting division on nba teams. That probably is ten plus skies with director et cetera. Back then there would be a part time guy that would fill in some game so for example i would coach. Practice with jack mckinney. On tuesday at noon and leave that afternoon the fly to oakland the see the warriors play that night and then fly back on midnight. Flight back to la and be a practice..

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