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Drive once again this is the morning drive with Casey and Elia for these Thursday April the second twenty twenty on talk radio six CD W. C. B. M. coming up of course in the there's cemex three hours though will flu not only is it a public health threat it is a dire threat to the economy as well the president is about ready to make a decision that could possibly stave off of a depression this is a very tough decision China lied people died U. S. until saying the Chinese have been hiding the numbers from us in the present reacts that deal on Omar has been caught praising the mass death of Americans yes this would include Minnesotans in her district nursing homes here in Maryland appear to be ground zero more horrifying stories from these nursing homes we'll take a look at of course the ship to ship out once for a commission to investigate the corona virus we could see that coming well there's good news for social security recipients here this morning the governor's approval rating is out and it's very good and he continues to contradict the president in all of New York doctor has written a letter an emergency letter of appeal to the president into New York governor Andrew Cuomo in Brooklyn and queens they say they are at the breaking point they're saying some horrific numbers and in New York City so again it will be with us in about an hour from now in studio for an hour and we'll talk with him as well I have my tape measure they sure were all at least six feet apart from all right thank goodness somebody is remembering back yeah present yesterday once again striking a of somber tone difficult days are ahead for our nation we're going to have a couple of weeks of starting pretty much now but especially a few days from now that are going to be horrific but even in the most challenging of times Americans do not despair we do not give in to fear we pull together we persevere and we overcome and we went and again he's just trying to strike the proper balance here the bridge but the the big decision today unemployment claims are going to be released they are expected to shatter all records today and then of course you were looking at the perhaps up to one third of all Americans thirty to thirty two percent predicted to be losing their jobs over the next several weeks that is worse than the Great Depression which I think was a twenty five twenty five yeah you know so on again this will shatter all the records these are worst unemployment numbers will see not the president's fault not the economy's role we we got hit with this pandemic but he has a very difficult decision to make and that is with everything that's happening New York City is still getting slammed we're still watching the numbers rise now we have a two hundred fifteen thousand confirmed cases in the United States five thousand deaths total here in Maryland two thousand cases thirty one deaths the president is going to be forced to open the economy or he will be blamed for the the greatest U. S. depression but worse than the last depression yeah this is a very difficult very tough decision for this president and again probably of the most difficult decision any president make besides committing troops to war one would think actually that dumb the balancing act of that he has to somehow pull off a maybe a regional one if I had to guess Sean it will be that areas where either there are no coronavirus reports or aware of the crossover seems very well contained and well past the hump of those may be re opened to limited commerce there may be a loosen or some other restrictions and those areas like New York City on the whirlwinds and elsewhere around the country that are potential hot spots still yet to come will remain closed unfortunately that means most of the major metropolitan areas are going to remain closed large parts of the Midwest and frankly large parts of Maryland will be re opened the eastern shore western Maryland there should be no real problem there aren't an awful lot of cases in either of those areas of metropolitan Washington DC the northern Virginia area obviously close however you get up of Blacksburg there's nothing much happening out there it seems to be pretty well under control if their cases there are one or two and any general area so many of my parents Ginny governors saying other knock over the June tenth yeah Maryland's governor Larry Hogan of course he's saying they were we were shut down and even oppressing these guidelines going into April thirtieth I don't know if the economy will be able to survive another thirty days of complete shutdown although I have the stupidest post I've ever seen all of that I found on next door yesterday from my area don't give that to you in a minute or two first or six thirteen probably over there on the threes check with her good morning morning from now they've gone and done it here if they close my golf course Florida state wide shut down yesterday from a governor to Santa so yeah yeah come on with your with your with us now so you're romancing both not going to stay in my house and talk to my wife well you know you know you can begin building your very own private putting green I mean after the show today in Europe actually I actually have a green about fifty yards behind my house are you using that so that way you can still play with your partner thank you and good morning don't clash on don't give any credit for anything early in the morning and the accidents other memorable county northbound route four and route two fifty eight motorcyclist was involved according to the police or is going to get Bob may still be blocking the left hand lane temporarily there as we know by now everything else is pretty quiet the weather's cooperating so that's good news if you have to make the ride towards the capital beltway ninety five the parkway twenty nine all the lanes are open capital beltway is clear looking go through Annapolis including all the lanes open very nice now bay bridge on the westbound side I'm sure could occur with traffic and weather all of the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS words gradually subsiding a high around sixty degrees today all right now are viewed as has forty degrees a Curtis bay forty one time totaled.

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