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Speak is the is the how identify that is. When a guy is getting harried all the time. He's under siege. Like you said, and then when he does still have time he acts like he's he doesn't because he's just shos. Right. Like, that's where that's where I think you reached the your ruined or you're getting ruined. And I don't think by what you're saying here about the second half like Alan isn't showing those traits yet like when he's under siege. Yeah. He looks bad. He's running he's harried. But when he has time he isn't bailing out of there at least not consistently. There are times where he evacuates a clean pocket. I think we've seen that too. But there's no doubt. And I've made this point a few times. And I'll say it again, he can't do the things in the NFL that he did it. Why owning to get away from that stuff? Athletes are too good defensive players are too fast at Wyoming. He could outrun those guys out spin those guys he could run through those guys. He can't do that in the NFL. And I think that's part of learning. Process. So thanks you. Welcome guys are you to sell compatriots appearance with us brought to you by outlet liquor need to stock up shop, New York's only outlet looker they said we introduced that cell was coming on like who sell. That's bad come on. Right. Share? Almost never say his last name anymore to sell. Compliment immediate as a compliment. Yes. Donald probably it's probably a little inside. But I'll try to do better Konya. We will have Felicia Lagat, Jack and Lance Leipold as we continue today. Our show from UB at alumni arena. The beat the buzzer flash sale continues until six basketball tickets. Great deals and opportunities. One eight seven seven you be there or online you be bowls dot com. Mike Chopin the bulldog here from Amherst sports next on WGN. Time to announce the.

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