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Columbia station for the continuing invasion coverage. Dispatch, that comes by way of London tells us that the German Transocean Agency says today that the allies have made further landings at the mouth of the river undercover of naval. The German Transocean Agency broadcast that support it to us from London. Here! We have a brief indication of how bad the weather has been in the channel. You know we've heard from a good many caused bondage now who have accompanied the forces who made the landing telling about the rising winds and the choppy sea in the channel United? Press war correspondent Rajini Miller who covered the first phase of the invasion from pt boat and closed this note to his editor with one batch of copy that he sent him, he said sorry about the messy copy, but written aboard rolling. T sure could use some seasick pills and Lenin plus a good pair of Spurs. That's the latest. Of the state of the weather in the English Channel so far it has not interrupted are steady stream of supplies, but there's no doubt that everyone would feel a bit easier if the weather would definitely let up and become very pleasant. And I'm GonNa shortwave listening station here in new. York is a BBC broadcast. Telling that the Royal Airforce Beats Squadron has gone ashore on the French invasion coast to pave the way for a steady flood of Royal Air Force personnel who from now on will operate from the French side of the channel. These beach squadrons have a difficult job of bringing supplies to the spot, and BBC reminds us it's no easy matter for it takes twenty four tons of oil and gasoline to keep twelve spitfires in the air for only four or five sorties. That is from BBC broadcast, which was heard here in New York by Columbia shortwave listening station, and now we are about to interrupt our coverage temporarily back on the air frequently during the night. However, this is Bob Trout, speaking from Colombia's news headquarters. In New York this is CBS they. Columbia Broadcasting System. Columbia presents the nation's number. One trumpeter Harry James added music makers. Bring you Harry James The nation's number one her, and is using makers playing the roof and the hotel astor overlooking Times Square in New York, city, and we're going to hear songs sung by Kitty Kallen, and but it'd be though. Now to begin, here's an untitled original by diesel..

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