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To start the school year anyway. By stepping in through the doors. Do you think that's the way to do it? 1 800 to 831 on 1.5 There's New Jersey fast traffic. There's a crash report on one of nine in North Bergen going south of there by 83rd Street. You will expect some delays in a bad spot. This report responsible Geico. Did you know that right now, Geico is offering an extra 15% credit on car motorcycle on RV policies. That's on top of what Geico could already save you. Visit Geico dot com to learn more 24 westbound traffic in 5 11 with a stall in the center lane. 22 Western hillside Pretty slow. The parkway has been busy. 1 43 2145 and south of 1 50 with an accident on the shoulder. 35 south in a point Beach kind of crowded 70 through the Lakewood area west of the parkway looks to be rather congested to leave in New Jersey. Not bad across the Hudson and NJ Transit trains. That team at a slow dance continue on the Mars and Essex line. Tom Rivers, NEWJERSEY traffic North. Christina Style phone. New Jersey traffic South on to 95. South bound. We're still seeing a lot of slow moving cars under the speed limit. Route 32 Route 42. We're also seeing an issue South and on to 95 into Exit 17 for Route 6 80 It's a fuel spill that's being cleaned up off the shoulders. You're gonna run into some emergency activity, some rubbernecking for sure. 6 76 South out there, 42 42 South down, moving into Creek Road places that you'll be hitting the brakes and during the state with the Walt Whitman Bridge, starting around mid span, you're going to start to see those brake lights, traffic every 15 minutes. Next. Reports at 4 33 New Jersey one at 1.5 The N B. A is finally back and Fanduel Sports Book is celebrating by giving you the chance to get an even bigger win. When you bet the Clippers Lakers.

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