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Means for the subjects to be able to verify their data and to rectify when they wanted me. Then you have storage the medications so you can't store data for an unlimited period of time unless that's part of the the the legal requirement for that type of data which is very seldom so you have to for every type. Data explain and detail in your register processing deputies. How long are you going to store the data and it has to be for? Irritib- time is proportional to the purpose that you're the legal basis for which you're processing the data so if you have you know if you're you're you're receiving CD's for jobs you can't keep the database for the next five years because that would not be you know of course to the reason why electing the genus though for every type of processing you're going to have to explain how long day no and then you have integrity and confidentiality. That goes without saying that. The data the incorrect has to be. You know not just accurate but it has to be non A. Tom Brady threw lying and has been confidential Soviet again. We're back to mass access to the data to make sure that you keep it at all times confidential and the last one which is all income missing a faulty other principals is the accountability principle and that is really the whole underlying theme. I would say of the GDP are it's making companies accountable for what they're doing personal data so that just means putting everything in place to show that you have done what it takes to secure the data to protect it so to to be able to demonstrate compliance. So that's That's a real easy than and the general loss of the genie are.

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