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Same old cheese, but okay, bye. Must ease with no cheese. No deals, No G's no wheels and no mobiles and me because I can finally afford to provide my family with those two. Gotta create studio with assault on the tracks at the golf collect hanging up in the office in back of the house like you think it might freeze, please about I think talking three you think brought you the oldies ice cubes. A deal's a deal Dodgy and the police If you take for the public good you want to go to the doctor Told you to go See? Nobody listened closely. You see that for a reason, right thinking? No, y'all don't like me. Nowadays, everybody wanna talk like they got something to say. But it comes out on the declaration that they forgot about grace. What do you say Somebody You hate anyone trying to bring some with away one of his old days and wait one day I was walking by walking on when a guy gives you know what Don't do not harder than me trying to park right next to you won't be talking around trying to walk it off. You walking only address next down house. Start the day. It's a new shop into a hot oven instead of babies these days with the brain does when it goes up to the mate. He's sorry, Doc. But I'm being crazy, isn't me. It's okay. Go with Haley. Days, everybody.

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