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Thirty dollars that's me thank you for your and I will continue to hold it for you thank you okay by the way speaking of Brock Obama this was a great tweet a representative Joe Kennedy said for a guy who is trying to raise president Obama's legacy at every possible turn trump reached a major milestone today all those jobs president Obama created are gone thank you it is concerning even again a good do they need for the job yeah yeah absolutely we do this is a completely preventable crisis that we are now at what thirty million unemployed yeah I think about it what how many times do we have to do this right George George Bush handed Brock Obama ten percent unemployment one of the worst economic disasters at that point in our history Obama hands trump a five percent or just under five I believe when it handed off the press right weird fifteen percent we are going to be by the way his guy trump's guys at all and we're gonna be twenty we're gonna be twenty percent unemployment and it's just so it's all going to come back to surpass the one away when we get home one woman where was that at the town hall said she lost her job in terms like you're gonna get a better one I feel for these things you're gonna get an even better job he's just such a con man grifter just telling everybody whatever they want to hear back very fast I did the best economy in the world this is a moment to come back and do ninety five percent of the work again ability to earn the caliber environment and rudeness next this is W. C. P. T. eight twenty three when you're the Stephanie Miller show every weekday eight to eleven AM because facts matter I'm Scott does host about Chicago and this is a W. C. P. T. civil rights snapshot Frank Kennedy was a World War two veteran and Harvard PhD Mr Kennedy worked as an astronomer for the army map service in nineteen fifty three president Eisenhower had signed an executive order prohibiting gays and lesbians from serving as federal employees in nineteen fifty seven Frank Caminiti was fired for being gay Kennedy fought his dismissal in the federal courts and in nineteen sixty one filed the first gay rights appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court that same year Mr Kennedy co founded the Mattachine society of Washington DC with Jack Nichols the national societies of New York and Washington became the first gay civil liberties organizations in the United States later Kennedy help start organizations that would become the national LGBTQ task force and the Human Rights Campaign learn more about this gay rights leader and LGBT history month dot com and please stay vigilant about our civil rights the fight is never over okay we are running a car drive right now to.

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