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Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the phone number. Hey quick reminder. My brand new book from paycheck to purpose is now available for presell. This is clear path to doing work. You'll have the seven stages unpacked in detail and you can get it right now For a special price at twenty dollars. Ken coleman dot com win. You preordered you get the e book in the audiobook for free plus one hundred dollars of hundred dollars worth of other freebies. That will help you on the journey. So that's a fabulous deal And we have one bundle which would include for ten dollars more a thirty dollar price point to get clear career assessment. That people are taking like craziness is helping them By getting some boundaries and clarity to actually have a purpose statement filled alfred a professional purpose that point you to so many opportunities. That is a thirty dollar bundles. He get the assessment plus the book. Plus all the freebies and the yearbook and the audiobooks. That's a fabulous deal for thirty bucks. Ken coleman dot com all right to the phones. We go eight four four seven four seven two five seven. Seven greer joins us in birmingham alabama. Greer you're on the ken. Coleman show you mr coleman and i'm living the dream greer what's up not a whole lot. I just took your assessment. And i just kind of wanted to go over with you. All right as a backdrop. I have multiple years of college. I have not graduated college and i've been working a bunch of i would call just jobs. Mostly service industry jobs I did get into management at one point. But i'm kind of back at that point where none of it's really making me happy. I'm trying to look for a career to get back into and at twenty nine. It feels like. I'm almost out of time so i felt like i should call in read you my purpose statement and see kind of where would you with it. Yeah let's go all right. My purpose statement was. I was created these talents of communication to passionate discernment to perform my passions and promoting leading performing to accomplish my.

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