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Really beautiful american flags that you get for your home there would there would yeah yeah and they're really really nice it really beautiful really nice and so he was because he didn't know what to do for these guys and he was trying to help his friends family and he just turned some scrap lumber into this great looking where he calls it furniture but it's wooden american flags and it's really beautiful and so how much are they they're like one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five something like that but absolutely beautiful and absolutely worth it and all the proceeds go to helping the funeral costs of veterans who come back and commit suicide yes it's very cool because there are tons of veterans charities i mean we've seventy two thousand none of them help with this one not one it's just this weird hole in that system and there's a lot of great charities doing a lot of great things but this is one thing that i mean this hits the families really hard really hard seven ten fifteen thousand dollars costs in addition to all the grief in terribly heads costs are associated to suicides in my family and i can't even imagine if we would have had to worry about the funeral rich either time by any stretch of the imagination but we could affair we could afford to bury my my brother in law and my and my mom at the time it's what do you do with three hundred bucks nothing maybe cremate them but there's now service and not even not even green made i've done we've had family recently were that's been the case it was heck of a lot more than three hundred dollars that it's like okay we got what we wanted out of you and then you're just left to your own devices home is i mean you know you don't wanna get into a situation to where somebody says you know like you know my life insurance doesn't cover suicide now right my is annoyed yeah if i mean you don't want to you don't want to incentivize people because when they really down then they're like you know what i'm better off i'm worth more dead than i mean george bailey i'm i'm worth more dead than alive as a movie i can't believe you'd bring something like.

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