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I guess you can have canceled their I've never heard of it. Vova Cassar and just outside the vagina. All. That lips but. China Lips I guess the kids saying have to say. A doctorate term. Yes. So a bunch of a nine vaginal lips skins. Sounds like a fucking foltz. comes up with skins. Your. Lips can. On. Like the English fuck pussies to those fucking British spots a young girls dress and the they found a young girls dress which this why maybe he killed other people or just dug up kids bodies. And to Jonah Lips and they judge them to be about fifteen years old how they do that they like lick it like like. Maybe, they had no hair. And maybe no one wax back then maybe they judged. Length of hair on cast like subdued has to measure all the vagina lip hair Scott, GonNa fucking these Oh my God. Sorry. Sorry I'll I'll just fucking I'll tell my allergies that knock it the fuck right off right now buddy like we're good any other day but right now doing a podcast. Welcome you. We'll keep you. Sneeze gauges earn the fuck. Up. This is the best part. This is my favorite RT, the House for sure. Okay. Made of human nipples female. Human. Nicholson many nipples there's a lot who nipples to make a bell a lot because you know you've got to overlap them. You know. It wouldn't be sturdy enough view just like. You'd have to go three quarters overlap to actually make it sturdy enough to hold the fact. Time. That's got at least. Holy Fuck me that's. I'd say a minimum two hundred nipples. One hundred women nipple no, it's like the little round part cut off. Okay. So I would say like twenty nipples no. To make a belt do a skinny Guy Open I'm Tom. I'm saying to think about it. Any creepy. If you actually put them together you you couldn't actually just put an end to end. You'd have to overlap three quarters to actually like make it sturdy enough all look at the picture and you can look at the nipple because they can't. They can't just be like stringed on and and it wouldn't be it would rip. Yeah. But he was so good at taxes because he got sesa exactly it would have to be three quarters though he was always doing don't fucking shit. Here, I'll show you the picture right now. There's the Human Human Nipple Bill O. Rose. It's really disgust from dead bodies. And then he and hide it. So he essentially kind of dried out the skin. I think that's what they do and then made a belt and the fact that he went to all this effort like make clothing maker fuck and things. So we could feel like he was a woman and he probably like squeeze on the fucking. Dead. Bubis, from somebody's Corp says like man imagine the family members of the fucking like we'll get into nipples know the founding of the people I doubt is. Still Alive and know that Sir I'll look him ever who bad trust your. Nipples, different. Wisconsin. Afford there is a four knows is. News is big now Maju. Pair of Lips. This is the best but this another good point, there is a pair of on a window shade as drawstring. So you pawn the lips this is so cool. Is. This is the guy type. She's crafty a lampshade made from skin of human faces, but he was taking inspiration from people like. Heinrich Himmler Shit like that because Hammer Kimbler I'd like a fucking lamp. One of the guys that were like ruled the concentration camp. Set it up and everything like watched over in big asshole. There was a pig farmer. What. Is your skin. MED- midge skin. The artifacts were photographed at the State Crime Laboratory. And then discreetly disposed of A. When questioned, when questioned Geen, some guy took the nipple home for sure one hundred percents. When we have that many photos of it is taking the show question gain told investigators that between one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, seven, and nine, hundred, fifty, two he made as many as five nocturnal visits to the three local graveyards to zoom recently buried bodies and he was watching these focus being. Any sued has got fucking buried today. She was a big fat woman like you ever Suzano lambs yet. Big. Fat. Lady. This guy has and shit and the fact he's looking for like like like burly women that looks like his mother. So he claimed while he was doing this. He was like a dream like state he's like Oh just Oh, I was late brock and I wasn't actually I don't recall the I woke up and there was due to love my body, my fingernails blood on the fucking me. On a belt thirty of those visits he said he came out of the days while in the cemetery, left the grave in order in good order and return home empty-handed. So we like you woke up. Halfway through like fuck and then to search pollen back on like Oh man i. should have done this number. So after on other occasions, you dig up the graves of recently buried middle aged women. So he did probably kids every everyone. Seems like a lot of women because probably because his mom taught him hatred for Women Susanne use them as objects. Saved the men in the grave maybe that's auster. Okay. He dug up there. So he dug up a lot of graves of. A middle aged women he thought was his mom and took their bodies home egging admitted to stealing from nine grace from local cemeteries led investigators fucking to their low two locations. and Alan Willey Mov Mava Sqi of the Crime State Laboratory go was calling my allen. He participated in opening three test grades to identify gain and the caskets inside or would boxes on top of the boards ran across rails not lengthwise. He actually like put him up. He put grace back with fuck? I'm fucked him up I guess. The boards and how I guess they layered the fucking Hey, probably. Probably just like through the piece of wood and they didn't. Make sure nicely on top of it and the blocks on the top of the boxes were about two feet below the surface in the sandy soil. So he didn't do the six feet. He's like two's good enough like and which is fucking so but wouldn't it have been done weird. That's a weird thing. Why would the only be two feet below the surface while he was digging he brought up the body want get take the body right away. So you. Might as well keep working on the. Back or maybe like. I don't understand. Yeah get that doesn't make some. More bodies kicking sand in the fucking group. Egging had robbed these graves soon after the funeral while the graves completed Oh that's why so I guess they put them like two feet down and they bring the bodies back go back then in the fucking keep digging. fucking nonsense. That's nonsense. That is the most nonsensical fucking Shit I've ever heard. They're not completed like. fucking very rich I. Yeah. Maybe. It means that the only put? Yeah. The only put two feet of to feed the soil on top while they're doing the barrel rights and then they finish after. So for some reason, it took them like a day and then he would run over there. Is I. IS IT EASY? That's Not No, no wonder he didn't have to go to too much links to like he was like looking around, he was hustling to make sure he found the next looking in the paper from the obituary. Gets buried on Sunday. Tuesday he was a fucking Fox and. There was no nighttime grave keeper isn't this? Isn't the era where around categories that time because everybody was doing that? So one CAST CASCA was empty one casket failed to open when he lost the pry bar and most of the bodies were gone from three graves yet geene had returned. Rings in body parts. This is weird. So this was a collaboration, his confession that he would like things from the buyers like rings or something that was important they. Go back and be like here's your wedding ring story. fucking. We're soon out a little bit of a conscience. So soon after his mother's death, this is when ad began creating..

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