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The cameras would catch Vince playing basketball or exercising normally. But when an officer of the court or a guard would step into the scene Vince would start to shuffle suffer from ticks. Oh, faker and act physically not in control of his body. And then a short time later he would seem to return to normal starts playing. Air jordan. He's doing three sixty dunks. And then every time they get around. He's twitching. Right. He's he can't do anything. So can we get to air Jordan's trial? Yes. So undeterred by Vinci's assertions that he hadn't committed a crime in their state Washington county, prosecutors proceeded with the murder trial based on the state law that permitted them to prosecute the case since the body was recovered in Virginia. Vince Kilmer went to trial on August. Fifteenth two thousand and five prosecutors painted Vince as a cold blooded killer who planned the murder of his father. They pointed to the following circumstantial and other evidence one Vince confessed to killing his father to he had done. So in a brutal fashion strangling him twice and cutting off his fingers three Vince came prepared to commit murder with the Saul. And the rope already in his truck for someone who helped. Dalton into Vinci's truck that fateful day actually heard Vince say this is their testimony heard Vince say to his father, quote, I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Some other information Vince was overwhelmed by the amount of debt. He was in. There was also no evidence to back up. Vincent claims of abuse at the hands of his father. Furthermore at trial. The prosecution presented tapes of conversations Vince had in prison which were quite damning in the conversations with his mother and friends he appeared to be trying to manipulate the venue. He would be prosecuted in in order to get the most leniency remember, the letters newspaper where Vince said he shouldn't be on trial in Virginia brain because he actually killed his father in Tennessee. While on the tapes, Vince says to his mother a guy and here said Carter county ten. See is the best place to go to receive a shorter sentence. But he's also attacking people in prison. Well, and Virginia had the death penalty bright and in another phone call with a friend Vince mentioned that he was trying to work out a deal with a DA North Carolina sounded very much like Vince Gilmore was forum shopping, and his his story changed accordingly to try to get this thing where he wanted to go, right? But the nail in Vinson's coffin was hammered home by the fact that the clinical psychologist who had evaluated Vince to determine whether he was fit to stand trial found him to be restless agitated and fidgety. But concluded that Vince was faking this. This was all a big fake, according to them his quote symptoms, and quote, just didn't fit any known psychiatric disorder. He determined that. Vince was saying a psychiatrist who also exam. Convince found him to be evasive dramatic imitative the prosecution alleged that Vince had deliberately started acting bizarrely well prior to the murder as part of his long-term plan to fake insanity as a but he's been doing this for over a year or close to year..

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