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Their arguments to you made for both, but you will regardless and up having to deal with circumstances outside of your control problems that couldn't have been predicted new circumstances that require you to adapt and maybe to grope around like person in the dark for period of time with great discomfort. And we've been talking about some of your lessons learned some of the stories based on experiences you've had that you've had imparted to you for mentors. You've taken all of these notes, those that made the final cut. What is it? One hundred twenty. Just about an I'm looking at this compendium in front of me, kind of choose your adventure guide within the buckets that we spoke about. So what what is this at? I'm looking at it appears to be a book. I think you alluded to it maybe mentioned it once this is the messy middle. Subtitle, this is the final subtitle. This is the foul. No, no, that's fine. I just before I read it, I wanted to share finding your way through the hardest most crucial part of any bold venture. And I have I I was gonna say, I've had a chance to read it. I've had a chance to kind of live through you hearing many of these stories and thrilled that you are sharing them, where can people learn more about the book? Yeah, I think the need is clear. I'm excited about. It it's it's as you said, I, it really was that process of the eight hundred and something notes down to the down to the three hundred down to the two hundred two. The one twenty organized in these kind of three themes. We talked about tonight, endurance optimization. The final mile. The messy, middle really is this passionate side project I've had for the last five or so years. I'm excited to get it out there. Coming out, hits shelves, Tober second, two thousand eighteen. And and and then I'm trying to also continue these conversations on Twitter at Scott Belsky and and frankly, a lot of the stuff we talk tonight are things that I've also shared over the years and tested and gotten feedback on incorporated into alternately, you know what this book has become. So I think that we're all in our own messing medals and. I just hope that this this, this helps people know that they're not alone as they're in the enduring enduring phase and managing the volatility, hope it helps them mind it a little bit more productively. I hope it helps people build better products that all of us can benefit from optimize anything else that's working within their team. And when it comes down to that final mile, it's not screw it up. Let ship. Here here. Well, Scott, thanks for the endurance of this marathon across multiple types of scenery within certain types of scenery at different temperatures. Maybe some ways like the messy middle and everybody listening. Thanks for being a fly on the wall and. Also accepting this experimental format, and you can find links to anything might have talked about some of the people. We mentioned the founders and their products and companies and so on in these shows as per usual at Tim dot blog..

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