President Trump, United Arab Emirates, Senate discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


United Arab Emirates stands packed with an estimated one hundred thirty five thousand people a few minutes ago. The Holy Father visited Saint Joseph's cathedral in the emerets capital and offered his blessing. Vanity? TD mornings mass the first ever by a pope in the United Arab Emirates where thirteen percent of the population is Christian federal prosecutors in New York City have issued subpoenas to the Trump inaugural. Kennedy Wall Street Journal reporting prosecutors have asked for all documents related to the committee's donors and vendors as well as records or relating to the benefits the donors may have received after making contributions the inaugural committee, which is separate from the campaign and the administration spokesperson for it says they intend to fully cooperate with the request President Trump at his state of the union message on Tuesday evening. We'll talk about the accomplishments of the past year. And according to press secretary, Sarah Sanders issue, a challenge, you're also going to say, the president call on congress and say, look, we can either work together and get great things done or we can fight each other and get nothing done. And frankly, the American people deserve better than that center. Speaking with Sean Hannity on the Fox News channel the Senate breaking with the president on Monday about US troops in Syria. The is. Seventy the Nizer twenty six. The amendment as amended is agreed to Senate passing a resolution disapproving of the president's announced plans to begin drawing down American troops in Syria. Even some Republicans have voiced concerns about the plan. It's been a big apartment building fire in Paris. At least seven people have been killed more than two dozen people have been injured. This.

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