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Seventeen at the Valero to Soto at thirteen eighty two in cockerel hell and to nineteen in Keller at the Sam's Club at golden triangle boulevard and Lamar the current local average in North Texas is to thirty six that's up six cents in a week. I thirty a chapel creek is not going to be the place to be tonight vow Lopez with Tex dot says the freeway will be shut down in both directions from eight tonight until six tomorrow morning. Diverted to the furniture roads around the bridge work that were conducting around there the workers part of the ten million dollar project to replace the current chapel creek bridge over I thirty with two two lane bridges. The project is scheduled to be completed this summer. A new survey says enlarge SUV's are the vehicles most likely to run for at least two hundred thousand miles capabilities. Chris summer takes a look on the list from is see cars dot com. Eight of the top ten were as she vs led by the Toyota sequoia Chevy suburban and Ford Expedition, Jerry Reynolds is the car pro these things the majority of those on that list, they're all based on truck chassis, and and trucks are just tougher than sedans in the smaller SUV's two pickups, the Honda ridge line until iota Tacoma also made the top ten on the long lasting list. The Toyota Avalon was the top ranked passenger car and Toyota was the nameplate most likely to hit. Hit two hundred K followed by Honda and GMC Chris summer NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD the Boeing seven thirty-seven max aircraft is due for that software upgrade soon. But when will south west an American be able to use the planes, again KRLD is Mitch car has the update investigations continue into the seven thirty-seven. Max crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia Ed Coleman's at Embry riddle aeronautical university. That's the direction they're going to have to they're going to have to bring the pilots and the flight attendants who are gonna man these crews every day. They're going to have to be part of the process to speak out to say, yes, these planes are safe and ready to fly Coleman believes Boeing and the FAA bow global pressure by recommending that the president ground the planes, Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Austin's police chief is pledging more security for the city's entertainment district following multiple shootings over the weekend as the south by southwest festival. Drew to a close officers responded to three separate shooting Saturday morning that sent five people to the hospital to more shootings occurred within twenty four hours, including Austin officers exchanging gunfire early Sunday with an unidentified man near the south by southwest festival where the south by south festival was being held police chief Brian Manley called the weekend violence unacceptable. Manley said none of the shootings appear to be related. Well, if you have a college student, that's an engineering wiz might have an opportunity for.

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