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Well, I do that right but I put a life of me at the Laugh Factory in Vegas last week and there was literally social distancing in the club. There was like thirty five people and they were all sitting beyond the back. And again, I did that with the room. Yeah, and they're all wearing masks. You have to wear a mask unless you take a drink and then so people were laughing but like it wasn't like the fuk. So I put the clip off and so I was like, man that crowd hated you dead. So then I got to like be like well and then you sound like you're just making excuses. Yeah, bro. Yeah, right like, you know, like well I had wine the night before so I'm like you can't win so so so khabib. Oh by the way, all right, so Dan Hardy also before we get too. I'm actually waiting for what seemed to come on the show. I don't know where he is off. So here we go, not Chrome is supposed to come out for Jimmie Rivera. Hey, man, I got called in last minute to work. He has to work. All right, totally understand. Let's do it. Next week would work. I think he's I think he owns a gym. Okay, so yeah. All right. Well there goes one. Guess people are ready when you rap podcasts am not like, you know, but all right. Well, we have more news talk about that hard. He wants to come back and fight Nick Diaz. Me and Dad used to be trading partners over at Legends. I like whenever yeah, I remember what I trade with Jen Harley birth. The Legends too. Good guy fucking great guy. He's retired forever though, right? Yeah. Yeah, but I think it's a good fight for him. Actually right fight. I mean obviously dead Diaz has the advantage in the juju striking I would give Hardy Advantage. I think I mean, he he like volume even volume I would get the as yeah, but Power yeah, although I don't know man. I mean Nick Diaz also knocked out Paul Daley knocked him down. I mean his price for some reason. I was thinking Nate Diaz No nickname as yeah suck Nick Diaz pretty good when Nick or Nate Diaz fight. I think at one point would be Nick Diaz, but I feel like now would be named. Yeah, Nick Diaz is like I feel it's a great fight for Dan now. Yeah. Yeah, Nick. Nick is a great but for Dad he'll win that money to go with it. Yeah, I think Nick is like I think Nick is a little bit like far gone man. You know what? I mean? Mentally not. I mean you saw someone Instagram lives and you're like, oh, yeah, it's too bad. They don't have like Instagram intervention where you can like go through the fucking phone and be like stop, you know, I don't want to be the guy from Intervention for Nick Diaz. Oh, by the way, I mean, I feel like they've intervention would lead to everyone just being laid out, you know, and I have a funny so Nate Diaz, I'm in Vegas and Nate Diaz, but I'm at which is.

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