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Church about midnight no injuries reported the merger take crews in, Connecticut responding to multiple overdose reports deputy director of New Haven emergency operations Rick, Fontana says more than a dozen people are being treated there we have a. Total of fifteen individuals that in fact overdosed here on the. New Haven green. They are have been transported by American Medical response to both Yale Newhaven. Hospital and also, the Saint rape feels Campus authorities in. Connecticut not sure what those people might have overdosed on centers for disease control and prevention monitoring. A measles outbreak in twenty one states including Oklahoma there've been a hundred and, seventy one cases reported since January One hundred eighteen for all of last year Officials say the majority of measles cases of. An people who were not vaccinated against it A new criminal. Charge filed in a deadly grocery store shooting and Holden Ville, happened back June twenty four and. Let's say the drive-by, shooting killed, thirty, six, year old Jonathan Berryman, and injured another person now. He's county authorities say, Tyler Darren water Caleb Hodgson's and Tyler Graham staff or each charge first degree murder Backlog of untested rape kits the focus, of interim study Tuesday at the state capital here's Beth Myers and interim study held to the state capital yesterday looked at how to clear up a backlog of untested rape kits state Representative Monroe Nichols. Of Tulsa, says evidence does no good sitting in a police property room this is evidence come from an actual an actual sex crime in it as you can. As you can see can lead to us being able to track down folks who have offended other folks the. Same way or or maybe committed crimes other areas. The state has about seventy two hundred untested rape kits about, twenty two hundred would be processed. By the FBI that, would cost, about, two, million, dollars, the rest, would be processed by Oklahoma. City and Tulsa Friends and.

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