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Man hey robert thanks for being with us on wctt in illinois high robert allow our own regarding the nra i i think i heard a statistic that there was maybe five million cardholding members the you know if that's true or i believe that's the soaking wet number that sets a term lawyers use like once a case worth soaking wet it's were this yes so at its top at its most robust soaking when i think five millions the numbered okay so what would happen if we add a hundred million people are obvious thoughts joined the nra and then bordered in reasonable officers it's a great i don't know the by laws of the nra ano no date for example if the bylaws would allow for that kind of a hijacking to happen they could very quickly changed the bylaws and say no only people who were nra members prior to this date get to vote rights like a corporation creating a new class of stock rights often have preferred stock grove classa stock buys b stock so i would need to know the bylaws laws of the nra it's entirely possible that they never thought of this very clever idea of yours robert and so it could easily be that you know five million intrepid seoul's uh we'll we'll with a bit of mischief in their heart could could join the nra and and all of a sudden the nra would have a new membership problem right true i wonder if you need the owner ripe or a gun the joint why no no no no no my guess is the thing that you really need to own to join the nra is a credit card that if i guess now i well if you tell them besides they're not going to come and inspect your house to look at your guns mileva plenty of gun porn all by themselves they don't need to come to your house look at your guns manning look at gonzala but robert joking round asylum my suspicion is if you representative the nra that you're a gun loving person and that you own guns and that you want to give them money to be a member they'll take your word ford as long as you credit card clears co that'd be my guess robert thank you so very much for the.

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