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You know that was one of the funny things that cause people saying the same thing because people still think being bipolar means you have two personalities like literally like the movie split attention and when when people do try to fall back on that it's like look man like you don't get really depressed and then you start talking about I love trump like those those things don't make any sense I could see if he had some form of schizophrenia maybe but maybe he does we don't know maybe he does and he's just not been what do you call it diagnosed properly right but we were supposed to have a conversation about this but I think contain is one either he's really just losing it and doesn't really know a lot of the things he's saying or two he's just completely full of shit but I don't I think that calculated I think he would have said that same stupid shit anywhere he went and I don't think anybody would shit about it I think they would have left and adopt up I would agree they wouldn't have stood up as our hollering at Chi are we not holding him accountable as far as we can obviously you know say this for the people listening He has a right to how feels appears his thoughts as political affiliations whatever that's totally is right but when I'm asking are we not hold him accountable I I look at the what people are saying like all a is having a mental break or you know he's he is Bob Polar and we're trying to blame it on mental in ill his instead of Knob right this is what he really feels and thinks now as opposed to what he did are we giving him him out I don't think so and this is just from my perspective I the way he's operating really doesn't make any sense literally maybe maybe a year ago could have been a year ago I think it was less than that like I said before when we were talking about this he was running around with these tea shirts off with Pentagram upside down crosses whatever whatever then you have his wife that's doing the exact same thing she's wearing fucking Morbid Angel Hoodie with Pentagon rams this is a very known satanic death metal band but then now all of a sudden you're back to I'm I'm god-like again you know I'm born again I'm putting on a gospel album then what the fuck where you're doing a few months back when you were running around with this metal shirt on with these fucking clearly demonic symbol on it but what it was speaking about earlier where that girl that I knew went to his release party thing I guess he had like apologized. or said that he repented or something for being blasphemous and calling himself uses and he knows that that is something that interesting you know wasn't awed and from now on only make Gospel albums and this and that and the third so he apologized while he was on before I guess so interesting okay so this is the fourth fourth May God well honestly say he said no more secular music what what did you say one of these fucking I want to say like a week or picnics these Christian picking a lane the host Sunday service thing I didn't know that yeah not so that as more contests too I sat on care why dorm as so does Kim just follow along what the fuck early silent though no she's been talking she said Yeah but I'm saying when he was wearing the fucking metal shirts then she was Miranda metal shirts to and now it seems like when he's all I'm born again so it does she is she's saying she's born again to know she supports her husband that's it that's probably what it takes that's probably what it is sometimes you have a united household or not appear to have united front in public interesting I got two more two more short clips on row you've already done enough to me I know this is to be the one to hear loving Cagno he's uh-huh Sir Sir innocent so that was so social media is what you want to think sober slower slower said sober slower is designed to slow you down okay I mean tweeting okay it takes some time I wanNA make sure it's grammatically correct and all that it does take a little time the law is the last clip nfl right now yeah this is not a museum all right so what are you going to do about those one and three Khania go free them all individually was she she has doing a lot of work to free a lot of wrongfully accused people ally or she freed the one it was working on Nashi street over twenty people what a and when did this happen we talked about it on Black Korea weeks ago months ago she freed she got twenty people freed I'm a looked at nothing I don't believe you or maybe not twenty feet or maybe she's working on five it's not look at least double digits I don't remember exactly is not working on to do whatever number out there back something that's all I'm saying she's doing something dollar one they always say that that base law he was playing those disown pretty good Jesus walk outside the The people cheering were interesting but fan exactly does the ABC what three Oh my God back and they will repeat it out I just wanted to Connie's edition right Oh my God that's deep anywhere all right mind his brief too but did you guys hear about that man that that paralyzed man and started walking again Essel Skeleton Jesus healed him or something yeah it's pretty dope man yeah it's just do start walking in like light like war machine oh you did yeah exactly Rhody you're looking at Adele don't uh-huh shoulders now control in his brain twenty eight year old is attached to a rope holy him stable but what's propelling him forward is his mind with this essentially using a system of sensors composite news brain they recall elected plan that she said the patient had to train on a game avatar system for two years to try to understand his thoughts as a product of a two year long trial scientists Zac hold a macho right regain this cut that water Dr Dope this is stuff I didn't think it was at first but yeah it is is it what is it got over his brain why are you saying Whoa look like I would like a cartoon villain guy was bugs bunny in what was his name I want to know what he does uh-huh he saved obviously he's going to create the thing I'm just saying he saved the World Besser Tom Shakespeare London schools hygiene and tropical medicine crane his head my God oh my dick about if he just headbutted you you would Iraq about that if he wants you like e Honda ooh yeah man I thought that was I guess I'll be bringing a lotta the tech stuff but Yeah I heard about that I was like wow that is actually crazy it's kind of like comic books as we saw in avengers you know something APP we've thought about I think the Dan Gaming Angle is using video games you guys talk about that in a way to talk about it using video games to like get people rehabilitation yeah man that's that's Kinda Kinda Dope like imagine the possibilities you know twenty thirty years from now we got self driving cars now and now we're going to have people being able to walk again the Javan carshield it's time to get it brown came beat self driving cars can't can't can't can't wait no man no 'cause like like what if somebody just like just I don't know the system and drove your ass off a cliff you should always be Scott Rod to sit back and say you should be authorized like airplanes airplanes are self driving fly autopilot yeah but then when the solid died the plane's going to crash but necessarily what you mean they need they still in high demand it but I'm just saying but two point is that you could override the autopilot on no you bet on that right over here you trust me more than that Dan Machine I one hundred percent but I but I feel can in terms of moving technology forward I think that we do need the advent of self driving cars and things of that nature feature but I just know I won't be a proponent of that because because I'm for the tech but I'm for controlling it myself just like you know like I talked to all the time like these TUSLA's and shit they're cool and they're fast and they perform but if you don't make no noise I just I can't I can't get Jimmy that so the same thing is like I'm cool I'm forward pushing forward but KNOB rare like I I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa let nobody drive me driving MMMM so why don't you want to self driving car because he lazy I want to sleep you wanNA sleep you shouldn't be driving sleeping right now she wants to go to sleep go on your way to work answering the question people can't I am thinking in a make the road safer that kills folks now but vitually once they work it out definitely a mistake fuck you just ran somebody over that person matters did an accident is excellent right much I always your sports what else for allows I know but I mean you know we got the percentages awesome sacrifices have to be made for the Advancement August yes fucking move up sound like a corporation yeah I do all my God but we knew I mean but obviously they shouldn't know that there's a percentage there's a possibility that people are GonNa die eight nine one hundred percent but people are dying all the time on the road so happened immediately it wasn't like they lost a year later here's a mistake what a week who weeks Iran somebody someone a Lotta Cole road and it didn't even try to stop this move okay so we don't wait so we know we need to put that in there we all people over we stop at least not when you rose about over and and you know realize that Jerusalem body over and they're sending a resume that is he dead kicks act the nine one one we like to think I just hit somebody each other out eight I think it's GonNa make the road safer and people don't know how to drive you guys know this And I I remember what would it matter if you can if you can over I don't I don't think the majority of people would brightest people are going to be lazy and then you won't get stuck in that light because I know you'll be stuck in that light be on the phone and then you look at the light and nobody moving that was when I was out mind somebody why don't fuck it we're not moving it doesn't work but at that point it's too late now really I'd be honking still a little hole light before you hawk no no no no because I'm cars behind I'm still honking they get area a two second courtesy that's it is her home yes unless you your taste in my little you still gonNa be light but with self driving cars Mike you won't have to unless the shit done didn't get an update or some super shake it update lab work for about thirty five minutes that's your car your WIFI connection get lost take it even a step further I think that it will alleviate a lot of traffic because like once these cities are like all the way interconnected will like the light systems like go lights in like they'll be able to just control an I know the word control don't be they'll literally be able to control everything including the traffic like like you'll be able to get places is quicker advancement of technology it is set about this you're just lazy you're just lazy cars more work than fucking whipping a horse making them pull your carriage so I go from us too what a square had to have a square wheel somewhere somebody had one way didn't work so I'm confused he'll probably came association octagon wheel would have been more as I know well I bet that square where it was fascinating it may not buddy hitch I probably would be a circle from the advancement of technology so that or the buffalo that was pulling it down they were like Oh damn this is actually better than a fucking shit that we came up with anyway back to this damn s.

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